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Updated August 28, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

After a relatively quiet week, crazy made a triumphant return to the Big Brother house, as Russell delivered on his promise to preview his soon-to-be penned self-help book, How to Insult Friends, and Frighten People.

On Tuesday, Russell swore to his last remaining confidant Michele that if he were put up on the eviction block, he would “lose it”. When Jeff used the POV to spare Kevin and replaced him with Russell, he ended the meeting with the all-too prescient statement, “Let the weirdness begin.” Russell was the only one that seemed to take that as a personal challenge, acting as if a bell had been rung in the first round of a fight against sanity.

With Kevin and Natalie dancing for joy in one corner and Michele reverting back to her wallflower ways, Russell was left to his own devices to come up with a plan to ensure his BB survival. But what he came up with eerily resembled his old plan, which was basically to attack his fellow housemates. “I need to make a big stand,” he said. “I’m going to make the house see how badly they need me.”

As far as last stands go, even Custer’s had a better outcome. Taking a page out of Attila the Hun’s book of diplomacy, Russell took flame to his first bridge by telling Jeff, “If you don’t win this game, you better hope to God you don’t come into the Jury House, because I will mop your face all up and down that ground.” Next on his list of offensive things to do before he packed his bags was to insult a wide-eyed Jordan. It’s one thing to harass Ronnie and threaten Jessie or Jeff, but going after Jordan is like setting your sights on Bambi.

Russell, what were you thinking?

It turns out that Bambi barked back. Jordan went toe-to-toe with her attacker. “When a guy tells you you’re fat,” a still-fuming Jordan confessed to Julie Chen, “and then tells you to go eat cookie dough, that’s it!”

The confrontation even had Natalie turn to her partner in crime Kevin, so she could say, “If you keep Russell here, I am going to stab you in the heart.”

Not surprisingly, Russell was sent to the jury. Now it’s down to five with Jeff and Jordan on one side of the room, Natalie and Kevin on the other, and Michele floating about in the same manner she has done the entire season.

Jeff may have scored another victory by ridding the house of Russell, but he’s seemingly blind to the conniving cabal that is Natalie and Kevin, both of whom are bent on ousting season 11’s golden boy and clearing the way to $500,000 prize.

Note to CBS: With Russell joining Lydia and Jessie in the cozy confines of the Jury House, is there any way to move cameras over there? –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Are you glad to see Russell go? What will happen next week? Will Michele take side? Team Jeff and Jordan or Kevin and Natalie?Sonja Flemming/CBS