‘s shot at Big Brother redemption is quickly becoming the Russell “The Love Muscle” hour.

Jessie’s biceps may be bigger but he hasn’t brought anything new to the game. Fueled by the same narcissism he showed in season 10, the HOH has been spending the majority of his days lounging in his bed and looking to other to make his decisions. Enter Russell, who’s as determined as a shark, constantly in motion, coiled to strike and revealing nothing in his dark eyes.

Meanwhile, Lydia, shocked that back rubs and compliments didn’t keep her off the eviction block, retired in tears to the Splish Splash room, where Jeff went to console her, causing Russell (who also noticed Jeff’s fraternization with Jordan) to tell muscle-mate Jessie, “We’ve lost Jeff. We never had Jeff.”

The last Lydia wanted to go up against in the POV competition were more jocks. But she would face Russell and Natalie. When Jeff was chosen, there is a glimmer of hope in Lydia’s eye, but the competition — essentially scrabble — was not going to be easy for Jeff. “My strategy was not to embarrass myself,” he said. “I can’t even text the right word for the spell check to come up, that’s how bad of a speller I am.”

In the end, Russell took the POV by spelling “shotgun.” Lydia fell a few letters short of completing “civilization” and her ally Jeff tried to muster enough tiles to spell “technotronics.” (What’s more depressing, that “technotronics” is not a word, but a band from the late ’80s, or that he tried to make it plural?)

Later, Russell’s gloves came off. “I do not trust Jeff anymore,” he said. “My plan is to embarrass Jeff, attack his integrity and have him bury himself in his own grave.”

In a heated exchange by the pool, Russell attacked Jeff’s future as a spelling bee champ. Once Russell left, Jeff got into another confrontation with clique-mate Natalie, which ended with the quote of the day. Jeff said, “Everyone on my team can BLEEP off! Why don’t you spell that for your word?”

Somehow Lydia was able to turn Natalie and Jessie, who convinced Russell to use his POV on the tattooed makeup artist. Braden was picked to replace Lydia on the eviction block. His reaction — “Let’s go have a pool party!” — leads one to believe that he may not know he’s on a reality show, but just hanging out with some new and he just hasn’t tried to open any doors yet.

Thursday: Either Chima or Braden goes home. And Jessie’s reign of error ends when a new HOH is crowned. — Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Was Russell’s attack on Jeff too much? Who will go home?