The cast divides themselves into two teams – newbies versus veterans
Credit: CBS

Still reeling from the twists thrust upon them as they moved in to the house, the Big Brother houseguests live in a house divided – the “newbies” versus the “veterans.”

With nominations looming, the Big Brother "hamsters" began the week scrambling to guarantee they will not be the first to go home on the live eviction Thursday.

With the “golden key twist” in play and the newbies aware they are on the chopping block, Keith, Dominic, Lawon, and Cassie joined together to form “The Regulators” and promised they would save each other if any of them were nominated against their respective partners.

The “veterans” were also quick to strategize, pulling Keith’s partner, Porsche, and Dominic’s partner, Adam, in to an alliance by asking them to pledge their allegiance to the established six veterans. And so an alliance of eight was born going in to the nominations.

But first – as host Julie Chen would say – came the have-or-have-not competition. The house was divided into three teams – three “cows” trying to soak up as much milk as possible and one milkman to squeeze the milk out of them. In true Big Brother fashion, each team’s strategy was to straddle each other in questionable positions more appropriate for Big Brother After Dark.

In the end it was Shelly, Cassie, Lawon, and Kalia that straddled the worst and were put on slop as well as forced to move in to the “have-not” room for the week.

After the “have-nots” moved in to their padded cell, it was time for HoH Rachel to announce her nominations: the duo of Keith and Porsche.

With Porsche guaranteed safety by the veterans and Keith protected by “The Regulators,” both nominated houseguests feel safe, but feeling safe is always the kiss of death in the Big Brother house.

To add to the drama in the first week of season 13, Evel Dick has left the house “due to a personal matter,” which “threatens to change everything.”