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Updated August 22, 2008 12:00 AM
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Discord Dan: In taking Tuesday’s PoV, Dan shed his hapless image and played to win. Dan wanted to sow the seeds of “paranoia,” and “discord” — and he certainly did when he let “slip” that one of the evictees had offered him a monetary bribe. As he later pointed out in his confessional, April won the $10,000 in the hockey PoV competition, but Jerry then swooped in and claimed half of her BB booty for himself. Everyone knew that they both had cash and motive, but the houseguests couldn’t be sure which side the bribe had come from.

With the house reeling, Jerry could have unleashed an offensive that revealed to the house who the diabolical player behind the bribe actually was. Instead, the retired Marine stayed retired, assuming the others knew it was April who had attempted to entice Dan. “I’m going to stay calm,” Jerry said in his confessional, “and try to ride this week out.”

Michelle on a Mission: Michelle was easily the most offended by the fact that a bribe had been made. “Who offered the money,” she fumed in her confessional. “Was it April, or was it Jerry? I’m going to find out, because I want that person gone!” The first step in her detective work was to question the two that knew as little as she did, Keesha and Renny. Wide-eyed Keesha was still in shock from the revelation, and so Michelle looked to HoH Renny, who dispatched her on a fact-finding mission.

First, Michelle cornered Dan, intent on getting answers, hoping that he was looking to “call out” the offending party, but Dan’s response left her more confused than ever. “That’s not what I wanted,” he said, “to expose them.”

Left to her own devices, Michelle replayed the PoV meeting in her head, mistaking April’s “I got caught” facial expression, for an “I should have offered Dan money as well.” And with that being enough evidence to convict in the BB courtroom, Michelle had her sights set on Jerry. “I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him,” she said. “He needs to leave the game.”

It Don’t Mean A Thing, If You Ain’t Got That Swing: While Michelle was still playing the bumbling detective, the two alliances retreated to their respective corners and focused on what really counted: getting votes. In a poolside meeting, Memphis and Keesha made sure that they were on the same page. “There is no way I am changing my vote,” the blond waitress said. “I can’t have April stay. I would be stupid to keep her here.”

Meanwhile, April spent a few minutes crying about her persecution to the only houseguest that listens to her. “I haven’t done anything,” she wailed to Ollie. “They have no reason to put me on the block.”

April and Ollie hit up Michelle first, calling her in for a pink bedroom pow-wow that turned out to be less than successful. Though they tried to explain that keeping April in the house was in Michelle’s best interest (and even promised her they would never put her up for eviction if either one took HoH), Michelle was honest about wanting to save her own hide. “If they want Jerry gone, I’m going to vote him out,” Michelle said. “But if they want you, well, I have to vote with the house or I’ll be a target.”

Over a game of mini-hoops, Ollie talked man-to-man with Dan and laid out the same offer that he and April gave Michelle. “It’s your call,” Ollie said. “You have the power.” April must not have much faith in Ollie’s powers of persuasion because she later pulled Dan into the sauna room for a last ditch appeal to his will to win and his wallet.

“I can offer you complete safety,” April said with a girlish giggle. “And some money if that’s going to help you out. And I’m sure it would.”

Dan was noncommittal, telling April, “I’ll think about it.”

Showmance or True Romance?: Ollie has already (albeit in jest) popped the question to April, so the duo started discussing Ollie’s post BB move to join April in Arizona. “My door’s open as long as you need it.” April promised Ollie, who countered with, “What if it’s forever?”

Well, if April’s twin, Angella has anything to say about it, forever may be a long time coming. In the show’s most honest moment, April’s sister recoiled after hearing Ollie pop the question, staring into the camera and saying, “Not without asking me!”

Eviction Ceremony: “Play for you. Don’t play for the person sitting next to you,” April (sitting next to Ollie) said in a final plea before the vote. Jerry just reminisced about slop and promised not to leave the house with any “sour grapes.”

Once the voting started, everything seemed to be going according to form, with Keesha and Memphis striking at April, and Ollie voting against Jerry. But then Dan seemed bent on not only playing the house but playing America as well. For three weeks in a row, Dan’s vote has been pivotal and he seemed to know that America was hanging on his every syllable. “I vote … ” he began slowly, “to evict Jer–” and with that, he halted, smiled and said, “I vote to evict April.” And with that, the showmance ended and April was evicted.

Everyone’s Left Hanging: The episode closed with Renny standing on the sidelines with the remaining six contestants swinging from vines in the BB courtyard. As cold rain started to pour over them, the six souls vying for the most powerful position in the BB house were told simply, “Be the last person hanging on your jungle vine, and you are crowned HoH.” As the rain increased in intensity, each contestant was lifted high above the courtyard, only to be repeatedly dropped and swung viciously into a series of padded walls.

Sunday a new — and slightly soggy –HoH will be revealed. — Reagan AlexanderMichael Caulfield/WireImage