September 05, 2008 12:00 AM

With Memphis riding to his Renegade buddy Dan’s rescue–and betraying the Colonel’s trust by using his newly won PoV power to remove Dan from the eviction block–Renny found herself as a victim of a BB numbers game: she was the only houseguest left eligible for eviction.

“The veto meeting sucked!” an irate Renny spouted in her confessional. “Memphis can kiss my ass!” Less interested in Memphis puckering up was a tearful Keesha, who saw the upcoming eviction ceremony as the end of the run of BB‘s version of Thelma and Louise.

“The person that I are about most in this house,” the blonde waitress wailed, “Is the one standing besides me on the block. Either way, it’s lose, lose.”

With the ladies consoling each other in the bedroom and the Renegades rejoicing in the kitchen, an angry Jerry retired to his fortress of solitude, wrapped a comforter around himself and swore revenge: “Memphis screwed me over at the PoV meeting. He broke his word. Betrayal in this game should not go unpunished.” The Colonel’s March Through Memphis: Jerry pulled Keesha out of her eviction block pity party and told her, “I think that you’re gonna find that Memphis has an agreement with everybody.” The Colonel also voiced his suspicions that Dan and Memphis are more than just pals. “It’s obvious they’re playing to the end,” he said. “Hopefully,” he said, trying to sell the blond on a May-September alliance, “I’m your shot at half a million.”

Pulling on his jean shorts and his tube socks even higher into battle mode, Jerry then went to confront Dan in the kitchen. The Colonel assured his one-time nemesis that everyone, past actions aside, was on equal footing in his eyes. “Memphis betrayed me,” he told an unresponsive Dan in the hopes of making the schoolteacher see that Memphis would eventually turn against him as well.

Jerry, exhausted from all of his post-PoV exertion, retired to his bedroom, but he had lit at least one fuse of doubt. Keesha sought out Dan, and the two huddled in the storage room to discuss the fact that the Colonel had tried to broker separate deals with both of them. Just as Keesha seemed on the verge of a revelation, the door rattled. Hearts momentarily stopped. Enter Memphis, whose presence put Dan at ease, but put Keesha on the offensive. “Has Jerry approached you,” she asked Memphis, following her question with a flat-out accusation. “He says that you have deals with everyone in the house.”

Confronted with the truth, Memphis did what came naturally: he lied. “Well, you know that’s not true,” he said, before turning to Dan to assure his Renegade ally. “And you know that’s not true. So that’s that.” A clouded half-truth that should have tipped off Keesha even more seemed to placate the all-to-trusting waitress. As soon as she left the boys alone, Dan whispered to Memphis, “We’ve got to be careful with her.”

A Visit to the Jury House: The one perk of losing out on half a million dollars? You get put up in another house in sunny California, where you get to moan about the houseguests that sent you packing. Actually, moaning is for the early evictees, these Jury members were all about being straight-up catty. “I really don’t want anyone to win,” Libra said, “I should have won, dammit!”

April entered the house next, still fuming that she had to leave the house before the other blonde in the house, Keesha. “I want to be the first to open the door for her. I would roll out the red carpet, and hopefully there wouldn’t be any bedrooms available, and she would have to sleep outside.”

April’s dreams were dashed when Michelle burst through the door. The Portuguese Princess proudly exclaimed, “Guess who got backdoored!” Then Ollie made his “triumphant” entrance into the jury house. Though he and his better half lost their shot at half a million, Ollie got the answer to his million dollar question. When April was evicted, Ollie memorably asked, via taped message, “April, will be my first girlfriend?” The moment the preacher’s son walked through the Jury House door, he demanded an answer. “Yes!” April squealed with delirious delight and wrapped herself around her beau.

Wigging Out of the BB House: Friends til the end Keesha and Renny were both given an opportunity to plead their case to the voting block that consisted of Renegades Dan and Memphis. Renny stayed true to herself, rambling nonsensically. Keesha, who wore a low-cut top, let her cleavage do most of the talking. The vote was all Renegades, and before the confessional door even opened, Renny’s fate was sealed. Memphis and Dan sent the brassy salon owner out of the house.

HOH Competition: With a glum-looking Jerry looking on, Keesha, Memphis and Dan walked out onto the BB lawn to tackle yet another HoH competition–a true-or-false memory competition. Keesha, put up a poor showing, leaving the Renegades to duke it out. Dan took the HoH title over his “buddy to the end” Memphis. –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Will Dan stay true to his word–and risk a shot at half a million–by leaving Memphis off the eviction block? Or will our favorite schoolteacher get a whiff of the the smelling salts of victory and throw his Renegade partner under the bus?

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