By People Staff
Updated September 08, 2008 12:00 AM

Following Renny’s ouster, Jerry found solace in the simple fact that he had survived another week. But in the BB house, with every success, comes failure. Jerry lamented that his reign as HoH hadn’t rid him of a certain Catholic schoolteacher. “It was a failure,” Jerry said, “because I didn’t send Dan home.”

Not only did Dan survive Jerry’s best efforts to evict him, but the “Kid” then went one step further, taking the title of HoH and securing his place in the final three. “Talk about a huge win,” the birthday boy crowed, “This key ensures me that I have a one-in-three chance at $500,000.”

Keesha, despite all of the evidence laid out before her, still couldn’t put her finger on why she distrusted Dan and Memphis. Meanwhile, Memphis basked in the glow of his Dan’s latest victory. But then in a rare moment of clarity, Memphis said, with a more than a hint of menace, “Last time Dan was HoH, he did put me on the block. If he puts me on the block again, I’m going to hurt him.” Sumo Surprise: The four remaining houseguests went from bidding Renny adieu to welcoming a surprise, stone-faced visitor. Directly after Dan took the HoH competition, the Final Four said Konichiwa to a diapered giant of a man with a message buried beneath his ample bottom. The sullen-looking sumo wrestler greeted the quartet with a message that was most obviously lost in the lack of translation: “I am sitting on information that you need.”

No one seemed to know what to do with the man mountain, with Dan even offering up Jerry as a sacrificial wrestling lamb. But that’s when the new HoH caught a glimpse of the envelope beneath the cheeks of their stern-faced visitor. “I noticed there was an envelope underneath his butt,” Dan later said. “I want the envelope. I need the envelope. I’m thinking ‘Please don’t crush me. Please don’t sit on me’. But, in the BB house, sometimes you have got to do things that you don’t want to do.” When the Sumo wrestler stood to stretch his massive haunches, Dan struck, rescuing the coveted BB missive from its posterior perch. (Watch the clip.)

The message announced that a special “Luxury Competition,” with the winner being whisked away on an amazing trip out of the house that not only afforded them a break from the BB monotony, but that would also greatly impact the outcome of the game.

Let the Game Begin: While the players slept, the BB yard was filled with clues to the Luxury Challenge that included a giant hot dog, an unhatched egg, a giant blueberry, an ostrich sporting reading glasses, a comely contortionist, and our dearly departed, but still incredibly annoying Jessie dressed in a gorilla suit. “I think the houseguests will be pretty surprised to see me back in this house,” the ousted bodybuilder said, before falling back on the narcissism that led to his early dismissal. “I mean, who else can fill out this suit? It’s time for a rude awakening!”

And rude it was. Channelling his inner ape, Jessie rousted the houseguests from their beds, leading them out to the lawn where the Final Four had to correctly arrive at the commonly used phrase based on the bizarre set of clues before them. With Jerry and Keesha flailing for answers, Dan once again buried the competition with his entry of “bury the hatchet.”

The Luxury Competition netted the schoolteacher a private helicopter trip to a remote island beach for an entire day. The catch? Dan could take one person along with him, either one of his current housemates or a jury member of his choosing. This conundrum proved to be more difficult for Dan than the competition itself. “If I pick Memphis,” he said, ” are going to think I have a deal with him.” Choosing Keesha would create the same issue and Jerry, well, Jerry was just out of the question.

Dan’s plan? Play for a vote from the jury pool, and go for the one person that had been robbed of a Hawaiian vacation, not to mention being exiled from the house by a backdoor job that was orchestrated by the maestro himself. Taking Michelle over everyone else was a calculated risk, but one that Dan was eager to take. “This could be the difference between $500,000 and nothing.”

Nomination Ceremony: Though Memphis had earlier said that he would cause his little buddy bodily harm if he were to be put up on the eviction block again, he offered himself up as the sacrificial lamb. “It might be our safest bet for me to go up on the block,” he said in a private meeting with Dan, alluding to putting a suspicious Keesha of the Renegade trail. “If I go up on the block, that might make her think that we don’t have something.” Now with Memphis’s blessing, Dan had a new two-part plan: “First, make sure that I make it to the finals. And second, make sure that the other Renegade is sitting next to me.”

There was only one key to be pulled, but still two other houseguests to be played. In a move that shocked Keesha and Jerry, Dan pulled the blond waitress’ key. And with a simple twist of his wrist, the wily schoolteacher not only toed the Renegade line, but gave both Jerry and Keesha a false sense of hope that may pay dividends into the final days of the competition. –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Do you think it’ll be Dan and Memphis in the final two? Can anyone spoil the Renegades’ plan?