After Frankie and Boogie are both put on the block, things take an unexpected turn

By Patrick Gomez
Updated August 23, 2012 01:30 PM
CBS (2)

The Silent Six is out and The Quack Pack has taken control.

“Being up on the block next to my best friend in the house is just devastating,” Frank said of being up for elimination with Boogie.

Boogie put it much more bluntly.

“Shane done lost his mind,” he said. “You may be able to get Frank or I out but there is a chance that both of us end up staying and then guess who is public enemy number one?”

While the decision to dissolve The Silent Six alliance of Boogie, Frank, Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle was made by the group, Shane threw Britney under the bus by telling the nominees that she was the reason he nominated them.

“I thought for a long time that Shane didn’t have a lot of common sense but this makes it really clear,” Britney said in the diary room before confronting her closest ally Shane.

But Boogie and Frank went on a “witch hunt” and verbally attacked both Britney and Dan to see who really convinced Shane to put them up.

“If I expose our mole Ian that will destroy our whole operation,” Dan said, explaining why he was protecting “that kid.”

Ian, meanwhile, was playing coy with his “allies” Boogie and Frank and calling himself a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” After becoming the nominees’ biggest target Dan was ready to throw Ian “to the wolves.” But first, the candy-coated Veto competition.

The guessing game competition came down to Frank and Ashley who, as Dan said, “would rather spend time eating the candy than trying to win this competition.”

In the end, Frank won when Ashley “folded,” automatically – and seemingly mistakenly – giving Frank the win.

“It totally sucks this kid has nine lives in this game,” Britney said of Frank’s victory.

With Frank coming off the block, Boogie “went to work” to rally the house against Dan.

“If I can get Britney to see that I am a nice person she will tell Shane to put up Dan,” he said before “bringing out the tears.”

Not that Britney was buying any of it. “Seriously? Tears,” she asked Big Brother.

But it was working on Jenn. “There is another big target in the house,” Jenn told Shane, trying to convince him to putting up Dan. “That helps keeps you bums safe.”

But when time came to name a replacement nominee, Shane chose nominate Boogie and Franks biggest supporter Jenn.

“They don’t know who they are messing with. Once I get fired up it’s a wrap.”

“I have a couple of votes with Frank and Ian. All I need is two more,” Boogie said, incorrectly assuming he has Ian in his corner.

Either Boogie or Jenn will go home Thursday. And with a double eviction scheduled a second house guest will also be leaving the house.