By People Staff
September 10, 2008 12:00 AM

Memphis from the Block: After being put on the nomination block by his pal Dan, Memphis continued the ruse by not shaking hands with his fellow Renegade in crime after the nomination ceremony. “By Dan nominating me,” Memphis said with a near guffaw, “He gets Keesha’s trust, and Jerry comes to me ready to go to war with Dan and Keesha. If this all works out, me and Dan control everything in this house!” Simple as the plan seemed (and with the bad acting to boot), it proved too complex for either Keesha or Jerry to see through.

Keesha started to believe that Dan fancied her over Memphis, and The Colonel took the bait as well. “You serious about going all the way?!” Jerry excitedly asked Memphis, following the bartender into the kitchen like a lovesick puppy, and making a legion of BB viewers shift uncomfortably in their seats when he cried out, “You’re my only hope, baby!” The Slice And Dice: According to plan, Dan had the trust of Keesha and Memphis. The only question that remained, no matter who won the almighty PoV, was who would the Renegades look to cut loose. With Dan secure as HoH, the Renegades best bet was to have Memphis win the PoV. Even in the off-chance that Jerry or Keesha took the coveted prize, the Renegades had their bases covered. If Keesha won, Dan would influence her to oust Jerry; if Jerry won, Memphis would play Jerry against Keesha.

Red, Red Wine: But first, Dan had his island rendezvous with the still-crazy Portuguese Princess that he had recently back-doored out of the house. It’s a good thing Dan didn’t hear Michelle swear that she would do bodily harm to him the next time she saw him. “Michelle hasn’t seen the charming Dan yet,” he said. But when the charm wore thin, Dan turned to his secret weapon–vino. “Wine is my truth serum,” Dan said, “I knew I had to pump Michelle with as much wine as possible.” And surprisingly, Dan’s ploy worked, proving that a little charm, a lot of pomade and a whole lot of alcohol can work wonders. By the end of their island retreat, Michelle appeared to have been won over, with Dan returning to the BB house confident that he had turned his most outspoken enemy into a Jury House ally.

Stairway to Veto: The Final Four hit the BB yard, and were greeted by an Aztec pyramid that looked to be made of Legos. To win PoV, the players had to solve a puzzle for each of the ten steps. Match the evicted houseguest to the offered pair of clues and you gain a step. First to the top wins the golden PoV medallion.

Keesha, Memphis and Jerry hit the staircase with a fury, while Dan held back. “At this point, I have no vested interest in winning,” he admitted. Though doing his best to lose, Dan couldn’t seem to help himself. The schoolteacher reached the top of the pyramid, only to find that ally Memphis wasn’t on the top of his game and Keesha was gaining fast. Finally, mercifully, Memphis solved the last step, taking the PoV and giving him the sole vote to send someone home.

Mount Keesha Explodes: Though Keesha had a final two deal in place with Memphis–and had been spared the eviction nomination by Dan–our buxom waitress started to feel more than a little uneasy. Our girl had a sauna room epiphany. “They’re going to friggin’ evict me!’ she shouted out to herself. Keesha then ran into the HoH bedroom to confront Dan and Memphis. Truly, BB hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Keesha vowed revenge. “Whoever the __ sends me out,” she tearfully promised, “better not think that they’re getting my vote, that’s for damn sure!” And double negatives be damned, Keesha then swore that Memphis, “better not think I’m not gonna do everything in my world to change their minds in that Jury House!” (Watch the clip.)

An Eviction Decoy? As Keesha railed against Memphis’s double-cross, Dan circled for the kill. “I don’t want you to go,” he assured Keesha, putting the blame firmly on Memphis’s shoulders, “It’s him. He’s been sandbagging this whole time. I’m trying to find a way to keep you.” Maybe blinded by her own tears, a confused Keesha swore her Jury vote to the conniving Dan. At the veto meeting, Memphis used his PoV to save himself, so a defiant Keesha took his place on the eviction block.

Given a last chance to address the house, Jerry gave his well worn “It’s been a great ride speech,” but it was Keesha who truly stole the show. Knowing that her BB bridges were already burnt, the blonde stood up and proudly threw some gasoline on her own funeral pyre. “I actually don’t care to say anything to Memphis,” she said, then turning to an uncomfortable-looking Dan and gushed, “I want to thank you so much for being there for me the last couple of days,” before adding, “I want to wish you good luck in the game.”

Memphis couldn’t help looking confused, but his furrowed brow quickly turned to frown when Dan leapt up and met Keesha at the door as she was departing, handing her a rubber ducky and said: “There’s a message for you on the bottom of this. Look at it when you get out.” Then taking his double-cross a step further, Dan whispered something to Keesha.

Though the ducky, which only said “Hot” on its underside may prove to be yet another decoy, what Dan whispered into Keesha’s ear will most certainly play out in the final Jury votes. Still teary-eyed, Keesha told host Julie Chen that Dan’s words before he said, “Finish it!”, were, “I took Michelle to the Island.”

About to Wing It: As the show closed, Memphis, Dan and Jerry were strapping themselves in for a foray into wingwalking as they stood atop a trio of biplanes in the first segment called, “Wing and a Prayer.” As the planes began to rise and shake and BB manufactured rain began to fall, Memphis was looking his usual cocky self while Jerry was looking as if he were strapped to a poodle sled team. Dan, needless to say, was looking like someone who was about to disprove the adage, “The House always wins.” –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Did Dan just school his Renegade partner Memphis? Do you think the jury will vote for Dan over Memphis?