'Big Brother' Coach Janelle 'Goes to Work' to Save Her Players

With two players on the block, the coach offers advice and jewelry to help her team

Photo: CBS

Big Brother coach Janelle had two players – Joe and Ashley – on the block during Wednesday’s episode, but she was far from worried. She simply had to “go to work,” which she told the camera multiple times. But with Britney’s player Shane holding power as the Head of Household, that was easier said than done.

After winning the judges’ competition earlier in the week, Janelle had saved Wil from the threat of nomination, angering Joe. “I am frustrated,” he said. “I am on the block because I am the biggest threat in the house.”

Ashley did not feel much better about her position. “I trusted Shane so much. I don’t know what I was thinking,” she said.

Not everyone in the house was upset about the nominations, though. Coach Mike “Boogie” and Frank did a little dance together after the nomination ceremony. Except their celebration was a bit premature.

“We still have the option to put Frank on the block,” Shane told Britney after the nomination ceremony.

Meanwhile, Janelle was busy convincing her team to get on Shane’s good side. “Janelle is coming to me with all this womanly advice of love and butterflies,” Joe, in the diary room, yelled at the camera. “But I don’t know if I can swallow my pride.”

When Joe headed up to the HoH room, Janelle hoped he would not “blow it.” But he did when he told Shane of his nomination, “I’m mad. It sucks.”

“Is Joe trying to get on my good side or is he trying to get evicted faster?” Shane wondered.

The Veto Competition

The stakes were high for Janelle’s players as they headed into the veto competition. “This is my chance to show I am a player in this house,” Wil said just before becoming the first one out. Eventually Daniele, Ashley, Frank, and Joe all fell out as well, and HoH Shane won his third power of veto of the season.

“I’m not worried at all,” Janelle said, despite her team’s lackluster performance in the challenge. “This is just when I have to go to work.” And so she offered Britney and Shane her wedding band and her Chanel earrings as proof she would keep Shane safe if he saved one of her players.

“I do like those Chanel earrings,” Britney said before Wil and Shane convinced the girls that the gesture was enough to prove their loyalty.

In the Hot Seat

But there was still time for Boogie’s team to muck things up for themselves. “I could not see any foreseeable circumstance [where I would nominate Shane next week],” Ian told Britney, who had been looking for a flat-out “no.” And in an instant, Boogie’s team was in the hot seat.

“I trust Frank, but I don’t trust Boogie,” Shane said to Britney before the veto ceremony, when he ultimately saved Ashley and nominated Frank.

“Hopefully he’s not pissed,” Shane said of nominating his secret alliance partner. “Hopefully I can convince him he’s not the target when he really is.”

Either Joe or Frank will go home in the live eviction Thursday (9 p.m. ET) on Big Brother.

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