By People Staff
Updated September 03, 2008 12:00 AM

The “Final Four” alliance of Dan, Memphis, Renny and Keesha achieved their collective goal with last week’s surprise double eviction that sent Michelle and Ollie to the BB “Sequester House.” But when the new HoH was decided, all bets were off.

With the “Final Four” alliance gunning to displace the remaining “Floater” Jerry, the only thing that stood in the way of the four-person power play was the HoH competition. In a shocking twist that should make all of the BB producers proud, Jerry took the coveted title of HoH. The former Marine then set his wrinkled sights on ousting long-time nemesis Dan.

Memphis’s Triple Play: As HoH, Jerry’s first order of business was to make sure that nemesis Dan was put on the eviction block. That’s when resurgent player Memphis made his move. Despite their earlier run-ins, Memphis cozied up to the Colonel and struck a deal to take Jerry all the way to the final two. Little did he know Memphis had closed similar deals with both Keesha and Dan. “Definitely, everything is falling into place,” Memphis boasted. “I have Final Two deals with Keesha, Jerry and Dan. If I can find a way to get rid of Renny this week, I will be sitting pretty.”

No-Sweat Dan: Despite being the sole Renegade put up on the chopping block, the conniving Catholic schoolteacher was still confident in his BB household status. “I’m not thrilled that I’m nominated,” Dan admitted, “however, I’m very excited that Memphis and myself are not on the block together.” Renegade plan in place, a still-confident Dan, dubbed the “Magic Man,” whispered to himself, “Let’s see what the ‘Magic Man’ has left in his wand.”

Rock-A-Bye-Veto Competition: As HoH, Jerry was confident that the winner of the upcoming PoV challenge would be the decider in the BB game. The remaining player that could match the parents of the BB “fugly” babies in the most timely fashion would win the PoV. An eager Dan did his best to match the faces of the “babies” to BB players past and present, but the BB nursery proved too difficult for the conniving schoolteacher. Renny spent too much time laughing at the pictures (commenting that she and Jessie would have made a beautiful baby), leaving Memphis and Keesha to battle it out for the golden ring. Memphis won the PoV, which split the house in thirds. At the PoV ceremony, Memphis double-crossed Jerry, taking Dan off the block and replacing the Catholic schoolteacher with Renny. –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Is Renny finally going to be sent home? Who is the strongest player in the house–Dan or Memphis?