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August 16, 2012 11:00 AM

With Shane in power, Big Brother‘s “Silent Six” should have felt safe, but everyone in the house still wanted to win the power of veto.

“I’m trying hard not to take things personal,” Wil said of being put on the block next to Joe during Tuesday’s episode. “But I’m taking it.”

And although Joe was touted as the main target this week, Wil still had reason to worry. “I’m thinking he might be the best choice to go home on Thursday,” HoH Frank said of Wil.

Elsewhere, even those house guests not on the block were worried they could be going home.

“They weren’t lying,” Daniele told her former coach Dan, citing their alliance, to which Dan replied, “Not yet.”

“Am I relieved I am not nominated? Yes,” Dan said in the diary room. “But do I trust Mike Boogie and Frank? No. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that I go up as a replacement.”

And he – like Wil – was right to be concerned.

“He’s scared of Dan,” Ian told his Quack Pack alliance members Britney and Danielle. “We just have to cross our fingers.”

Shane knew he could be a target as well. “I could still get back-doored. We just need to win POV to make sure the nominations stay the same,” he said to Britney before going in to the competition. But he did not win. That honor went to Shane, who was ready to shake up his nominations.

“Clearly there are bigger fish to fry than Joe or I so he has the chance to make a big move,” Wil said before heading up to the HoH room with Ashley to discuss possibly nominating Dan, which was music to Frank’s ears.

“This gives me a little more confidence that it won’t be a swing or a miss,” he told the two blondes of putting up Dan. “The plan they are proposing me is the plan I’d already been thinking about.”

But Frank’s former coach Boogie was very opposed to nominating their fellow Silent Six ally.

“We are going to get many opportunities [to get rid of Dan] with less variables. I don’t think its wise,” he told Frank. “We’ll have eight heads after us and then its game over.”

In the end – despite his fears Dan is gunning for him – Frank decided to keep the nominations the same.

“I’ve been in some tough spots already and I don’t need to rock the boat and get any more blood on my hands, he said at the Veto ceremony.

“What a fool, Frank,” Wil said in the diary room. “Watch your back.”

Meanwhile, Joe focused on the impending eviction. “I have to fight with everything inside me to get the votes to stay this week,” he yelled at the camera.

Either Wil or Joe will be walking out the door, and a new HoH will be claimed on Thursday’s show (9 p.m. ET) on CBS.

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