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August 29, 2008 12:00 AM

During his reign as HoH, Dan played the role of BB puppet master to perfection. He blind-sided Ollie and back-doored Michelle by forcing her to join Jerry on the chopping block. Dan knew that a trail of broken promises might come back to haunt him, so in a BB play for the ages, he fractured the rest of the house with his ingenious game of “replacement nominee roulette.”

After the veto ceremony, a glib Dan joined allies Keesha and Memphis in the yard, saying, “You wanna make an omelet, you gotta break a few eggs.” But in this BB cooking lesson, the broken eggs were looking for some immediate payback. An incensed Ollie rallied troops Michelle and Jerry and went on the offensive, calling Dan out in front of the houseguests.

Ollie thought he could trip Dan up by revealing the details of their HoH deal, but didn’t realize that the rest of the house already knew what went down. “Dan is a plant!” Ollie ranted. “He’s lied about the entire game!” Michelle added her two cents, revealing that Dan had played her into naming Keesha as her replacement nominee. With tempers flaring, the high school football coach pulled a new page out of his HoH playbook and walked away.

“Let the chaos ensue,” Dan said, safely inside the house and away from group. And ensue it did.

Ollie seemed shocked that the rest of the house wasn’t up in arms when he told them about the deal until Memphis stood up and said, “Ollie, what makes you think we didn’t know that?”

Monop-Ollie Takes His Anger Out On The BB House Ollie decided to go straight to the source of his frustration, cornering Dan in the HoH bedroom and demanding an answer to the universal query, “Why you play me for a fool?” before angrily adding, “You embarrassed me in front of millions!”

Dan, ever-cool, defended himself by stating the simple, but profound BB truism, “It’s a game, that’s all I can tell you.”

Ollie, most likely realizing that he had been bested, then cracked wise, asking Dan, with more than a hint of menace, “You like to play games, man? You could have stayed home and played Monopoly.”

But Monopoly is played with funny money, Ollie, and the winner of BB walks with half a million.

Ollie stormed out and focused his anger on the inanimate objects of the BB house, dashing a dish across the kitchen floor and then moving onto the BB lawn, where he interspersed angry rants with busting up potted plants and light fixtures.

Julie Drops The Double Eviction Bomb Ollie used his confessional time to call Dan, “the biggest snake in the game,” while Michelle was so incensed that every other word out of her mouth had to be bleeped-out, making it nearly impossible to know what she was saying.

With Ollie fuming and Michelle weeping, perennial eviction nominee Jerry laid out his plan for surviving another week on the chopping block. “My plan,” the Colonel said in his confessional, “is to do, and say, absolutely nothing. I feel that Michelle will probably self-desruct.”

With the eviction ceremony about to take place, host Julie dropped the bomb, shocking the houseguests with the news that two players were to be sent to the jury house.

Eviction Ceremony: Part One Keesha, Memphis and a reluctant Renny followed the game plan set by Dan and a teary-eyed Michelle was sent packing. “I love all you guys,” she said on her way out. The love would only last so long. As soon as Michelle walked the short BB gangplank to host Julie, her anger towards Dan reared its ugly head. “He basically wants to make a fool out of everyone in the house,” she said of the reigning HoH. “He tried to say ‘sorry’ to me afterward, but he can take his ‘sorry’, and put it, you know where.”

HoH Competition: BB Headlines This competition to be the next HoH was surprisingly simple. The contestants had to decide which imaginary headline voted on by the public best fit the remaining houseguest. The player with the most points after seven questions would be crowned the new HoH.

After seven questions, Keesha and Jerry were the last two standing, setting the diametrically opposed duo up for a tie-breaking question that involved the number of lollipops left on the BB table. Jerry and Keesha chose the same number (100), forcing a second tie-breaking question. Keesha ended up taking the title of HoH, but she seemed flummoxed by the double-eviction rapidity of her choice for nominees.

Still reeling from her recent HoH victory, Keesha stayed true to her alliance, putting up Ollie and Jerry for eviction.

Veto In A Haystack The power of veto competition was also simple. To win, players had to race across the BB lawn, dive into a haystack and find a PoV medallion, transport it back to your starting point and then find the remaining medallion to do the same. First player with two medallions back at his starting point was PoV champ. Ollie hit the competition hard but came up short once again with Dan taking the PoV, barely beating out his fellow “Renegade” Memphis.

Eviction Ceremony: Part Deux As soon as Dan took the PoV, Ollie was sure that his days in the BB house were numbered. With each of the houseguests still panting from the PoV competition, there was little time left for wheeling and dealing. With Jerry and Ollie up on the eviction block, the “Colonel” gave his same, tired speech, bizarrely invoking analogies of tires and not-so-sour grapes. Ollie, on the other hand, used his eviction plea to take one final swipe at Dan, stating matter-of-factly, “It is what it is. Dan, you have an opportunity to play another game. Let’s play another game of roulette and maybe this time, I’ll get lucky.”

Though Dan professed to “appreciate” the humor in Ollie’s speech, his choice to forgo the PoV came as no surprise. Once the eviction votes were counted — and well before Julie Chen had revealed which of the two nominees was going home — Ollie stood up and pulled of the fastest exit in BB history. There were no hugs, no tears and plenty of sour grapes as the preacher’s son beat a hasty retreat back into the real world.

Only five players are left to battle it out for the $500,000 prize. Dan’s reign has come to a turbulent close with the bubbly Keesha taking the coveted HoH key. After Dan’s “roulette” gamble every player feels as if there is a target on their back. Always-out-for-himself Memphis may have put it best when he turned to floater Jerry and said, “At this point, there are no teams.” — Reagan AlexanderJohn P. Filo/CBS

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