By People Staff
August 27, 2008 12:00 AM

On Sunday, Dan took the title of HoH, but the deal he struck with Ollie left the schoolteacher looking less like a champ and more like a chump. Under the terms of Dan’s “Bungle in the Jungle,” he kept the HoH key, but Ollie would be calling the shots from behind the scenes. In the first order of business, Ollie forced Dan to put an angered, bewildered Memphis up for eviction, then secured safety for his ally Michelle.

Deal or No Deal?: “I couldn’t be in a better position right now,” Ollie boasted in his confessional, “I get to call all the shots, but at the same time my hands are clean.” Dan, however, had other plans. “I made a deal with Ollie that was too good to be true,” he admitted in his confessional, “In no way, Ollie, am I going to send someone from my own alliance home. That’s just not going to work, and you’re dumb for believing it.”

To placate his angry Renegade partner Memphis, Dan was forced to reveal the terms of his deal with Ollie. Memphis’s response to Dan’s master plan: “What the hell were you smoking when you were up there!” Next, Dan turned his attention to Keesha and Renny, promising the duo that if the PoV was used he would not put either of them up for eviction. Dan assured the two that he’d go against his pact with Ollie and Michelle would end up as the replacement sacrificial lamb.

Mission to Mars: Meanwhile Ollie was feeling confident enough to tell Michelle and Jerry, “We got the game in our hands right now.” In the event that Dan fell short on his word Ollie vowed “hell will be unleashed on him.” With the PoV up for grabs, Dan’s plan to upset the house hinged on one factor: “I definitely do not want to see Michelle’s name come out of that veto bag, because if she wins it, I cannot ‘backdoor’ her.”

All was going according to plan as the houseguests headed into this week’s PoV challenge. Six players (with Dan and Renny on one team, Memphis and ally Keesha on another and Jerry and Michelle rounding out the final team), sporting silver astronaut suits, hit a BB yard that had been transformed into a Mars landscape. The object: to pull yourself along a rip-cord and gather puzzle pieces strewn across the lawn in a race to complete the Planet of Veto puzzle. The PoV would be decided in two separate heats, with the winners of each race facing off in a PoV finale.

The first heat saw Keesha besting her nemesis Michelle. Michelle seemed to be an easy favorite, pulling herself across the lawn with effortless ease, but that’s when the Portuguese Princess hit a stumbling block–she couldn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together. Dan assessment: “What Michelle has in strength, she lacks in brain power.”

The second heat had Memphis pitted against Renny and Jerry. Jerry faded quickly and Renny was having too much fun playing astronaut to actually complete the puzzle. Memphis moved on to the finale against Keesha. It wasn’t even close. Memphis took the PoV and everyone in the house knew what he was going to do with it. The Mixologist saved himself.

Dan’s “Replacement Roulette”: With Memphis holding the PoV, Ollie approached Dan to ask that Keesha be put up in Memphis’s stead. Dan played a bit of the BB two-faced shuffle, assuring Ollie that he would put the waitress up, then saying in his confessional, “Ollie’s kidding himself if he thinks I’m actually going to follow through with that.”

Not only did Dan plan on going back on his oath to Ollie and put Michelle on the block, the Catholic schoolteacher had plans to break down the remaining friendships and alliances in the house at the Veto meeting. “If this all works,” Dan said of his ploy, “there’s gonna be fireworks in the air, and I’m gonna be watching them from my HoH room.”

After turning the remaining houseguests against one another, Dan looked Ollie in the eye and put Michelle up for eviction, stating simply: “When you gamble, you’re taking a risk. In this case, Ollie, you lost the bet.” (Watch the clip.) Defeated, Ollie gave credit where credit was due, saying “Big ups to Dan. He wanted a circus, he got a circus. He’s done nothing in this game but piss off.”

Thursday will prove to be a “week’s worth of BB” in one episode, with a surprise double eviction on hand. For now, Jerry and Michelle may be on the BB block, but if you can take one thing away from the latest episode, no one is safe in this house. –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Are you surprised Dan managed to come out on top? Which two houseguests do you think will be sent home Thursday?