'Big Brother' : Dan's Doubling Dealing Continues

Plus: Who will go home on Thursday's double elimination?

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

With Frank and Jenn on the block, Ian and the Quack Pack were in control at the beginning of Wednesday’s Big Brother. “They are almost all strategy,” Head of Household Ian said of his nominations. “Frank is a strong player and if he was to win the veto and take himself down we’ll just send Jenn home.”

But just because Frank was the main target did not mean Jenn wasn’t sweating it out in the hot seat. “I’m not at ease,” Jenn said of being told by Danielle that she was not the target. “Because in Big Brother, pawns go home.”

Meanwhile, Frank still believed he and Jenn both had a fighting chance to stay because of his alliance with Dan and Danielle – a deal that Dan confessed in the diary room he was “not going to hold up any of that.” Frank’s confidence even had him doing something he’s never done in the six times he has been on the block – asking to stay on the block and get Dan to win the veto and take Jenn down.

“Frank, are you serious?” Dan asked in the diary room. “You’re making it easier to stab you in the back. I want to win this veto so I can send him packing.”

With Shane the only houseguest not playing in the veto, the stakes were high and everyone was fighting for it. Well, almost everyone. “I couldn’t care less as long as one of the nominees doesn’t get it,” Ian said before the competition. “I’ve been winning way too much lately.”

But Ian was the second eliminated. The competition eventually came down to Dan and Frank, who quickly changed his tune about how the competition should go. “Because I don’t know if I can really trust [Dan], I think it’s best if I win this competition myself,” he said. Too bad Dan was ultimately victorious.

“I have to hope Dan will use the veto to take me off since I used it to take him off last week,” Jenn said after the competition. But Dan – who had a final two deal with Ian, Danielle and Frank – had a big decision to make.

In the end Dan used the veto to “pay back my debts” and took Jenn off the block, putting Joe up in her place. “My plan worked,” he said after the ceremony. “I sealed Frank’s fate without having to get any blood on my hands.”

But with a double eviction coming on Thursday, his hands won’t likely stay clean for long.

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