'Big Brother' : Adam Chooses a Side – Again

Photo: CBS

It was a “special eviction episode” on Big Brother, Wednesday and with Rachel in power the newbies were on the chopping block.

“Basically, you guys nominated me,” Rachel told her Kalia and Porsche after nominating them.

And while Kalia and Porsche have been allies for most of the game, that all went out the window going in to the veto competition.

“May the best woman win,” Kalia said before pointing to herself in the diary room.

But the two allies did think of one way both of them could stay: Adam. If their fellow newbie were to win the veto and take one of them off, Rachel’s ally Jordan would be forced on the block.

“But who really knows what side Adam is playing on,” Porsche said.

And she had reason to question the plan: “This week, you, me and Rachel are getting one of them out,” Adam told Jordan before the competition.

Once the competition began, Jordan and Rachel were the first two eliminated.

“All of my eggs are in [Adam’s] basket,” head of household Rachel said. “I’m hoping he’ll keep the nominations the same.”

And after Kalia was eliminated, it came down to Porsche and Adam before Porsche made a critical mistake.

“I confused one loser for another,” Porsche said of choosing a Keith pie over a Shelly pie. So Adam won his second power of veto this season.

“My fate is in someone’s hands that hates getting dirt on his hands,” Kalia said of the chances that Adam would indeed use the power of veto to her advantage.

But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t going to try and convince Adam. “I can send water to a freaking well,” she added. “I have the gift of freaking gab.”

But in the end, Adam decided to go with the veterans and kept his fellow newbies on the block, forcing Kalia to beg Jordan to “vote with your heart” and Adam to “start playing like an all-star.”

And it worked – sort of. Jordan voted to keep her but Adam voted for Porsche, forcing Rachel to break the tie.

“You girls are both awesome and I do believe in competitors but I have fought to be here,” Rachel told the nominees.

“You’ve stepped up in this game and I respect you,” she added before voting Kalia out of the house.

Looking to the future – literally – the remaining houseguests went to the backyard for a fortune-teller themed HoH competition that Adam won once again.

And so a newbie is back in power. But with only four houseguests left, it comes down to the power of veto to determine who is safe from tomorrow’s live eviction.

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