August 13, 2008 12:00 AM

No one seemed surprised by Sunday’s nomination ceremony, least of all Libra, who graciously thanked Michelle for her kind “it’s not personal” speech then raced to the confessional to let her true feelings show. “I put her in a red unitard,” the self-satisfied Libra said of her HoH nemesis. “I took the Hawaiian holiday trip. I kicked out her showmance….You’re damn right I’m the target!” Fellow eviction nominee Keesha, on the other hand, was more subdued in her assessment of the situation. “Plain and simple,” she said with a sigh, “It sucks.”

Well imagine how Michelle felt, Keesha. The realtor was downright heartsick when Jessie (had to put on a shirt) and walk out the BB house for good. Then she went crazy, ditching strategy to focus on revenge. Instead of taking care of the dual threat posed by the strongest remaining players Memphis and April, Michelle went after Keesha and Libra. And just how crazy did Michelle go? Before the dust had settle following the nomination ceremony, she rushed back to the bathroom to whisper another message to the ousted object of her affection. “That was for you, Jessie,” she said, blowing a kiss into the one-way mirror.

Michelle, as much as we can appreciate your ill-advised dedication, even you should know that Jessie would never be caught on the non-reflective side of a one-way mirror. In fact, now that he is no longer on the show, you can bet that the narcissistic bodybuilder is whiling away his hours in his bed watching tapes of himself posing in a speedo as he tries to explain to his girlfriend back home what he meant when he told millions of BB viewers that he was “single.”

Meanwhile Libra gave a tearful, frustrated Keesha a pep talk. “You hold your head up high!” she said, exhorting her alliance partner to stay strong. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going to campaign against you, I’m going to ride it out!” But if Michelle is true to her word, Keesha has nothing to worry about. A meeting with Michelle in the HoH bedroom gave the Hooter’s gal a ray of hope. Michelle made it clear who she was gunning for. “God’s honest truth,” she assured Keesha, “I don’t want you to go. I want Libra out, I need to make sure that she leaves.”

Cry Me a Veto: What’s the difference between an onion and the nine remaining BB players? An onion has layers. Even with nine houseguests left, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a player to get behind. Who do you back? Ollie, the preacher’s son, who has become April‘s puppet? Jerry, the raspy-voiced former Marine who preaches about respect and honesty, but is easily swayed by a wink and a smile from any member of the opposite sex? Or the conniving schoolteacher Dan, whose every act makes you pray that these are not lessons he’s imparting on the youth of America?

With friend pitted against friend after the eviction nominations–and Jerry still fuming about Dan’s backstabbing ways–all eyes were set on the PoV prize. “I want PoV,” the 75-year-old stated,” I can really shake the place up by taking Libra or Keesha off the hook. I want Dan, bad.” Jerry, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you are actually starting to creep us out.

The contestants for the Cry Me A Veto competition were drawn, and it was Libra, Michelle, Keesha, April, Memphis and Jerry who were set to battle for either the coveted PoV or a mystery prize. The six players, led by HoH chosen-host Ollie, walked out onto the BB lawn, and were greeted by a sea of onions strewn before a series of chopping blocks.

With the first real tears of BB 10 (albeit onion-induced) shed, and the fates of three of the houseguests hanging in the balance, there was little doubt that it was game on. Keesha and Libra were fighting for their BB lives, Jerry had his sights set on Dan, and Michelle, Memphis and April were all left struggling to keep their tenuous status quo in the house.

The object of the game? Chop as many onions using one of the three BB-alloted devices, put the chopped onions in a tupperware container strapped beneath your chin and then deposit the goods into one of two containers. Pack your PoV bin with enough onions and win the gold medallion. Load up the “mystery” prize bin, and you and your closest competitor win a surprise stocking stuffer. Each of the players had a choice: concentrate on filling the bin that would win them PoV or go for the mystery prize.

Memphis, quiet throughout the evening’s turmoil, was confident enough to focus his efforts on the “mystery” prize. Keesha, who struggled through the tear-inducing competition, seemed less focused on her BB survival and more concerned about the state of her makeup. “I don’t know what it is about an onion,” she complained, “but the fumes just make your eyes water…. all the mascara and eyeliner running… it was just a mess.” We hear Maybelline’s Great Lash waterproof mascara is the way to go, Keesha.

So while Memphis and April played for the “mystery” prize, Jerry, Michelle, Libra and Keesha battled it out for the PoV. In the end, Jerry shocked the house by taking the PoV. But even in victory, the salty Marine could only grumble, accepting the power of veto with a gruff, “I worked my ass off.”

With the PoV strapped around his neck, Jerry’s first order of business was to hit the confessional. He gave a bizarre animal husbandry analogy that compared his recent BB PoV win to the mating ritual of bulls. Before you could say, “What bull—- is he talking about,” Jerry was off celebrating with the kind of grace that would make his beloved Marine Corps cringe. He stripped off his shirt, pranced through the household, then proceeded to give the finger to… well, just about everybody. (Watch the clip.)

As for the “mystery” prize winners, Memphis played himself into wearing an onion necklace for a week, while runner-up April won herself five designer outfits chosen by a BB personal stylist

BB Feast Night: Failing to best the BB alumni in last week’s food competition–and set for slop for much of the coming week–the cast of season 10 was more than happy when Michelle‘s catered feast was delivered. Likely emboldened by the flowing wine, Keesha did her best to get the houseguest’s to play nice, saying, “Let’s go around the table, and say something positive about someone.” (Keesha, my mother has tried this same tactic at every Thanksgiving dinner. It ended in fisticuffs each time.)

Memphis immediately jumped up, shouting out, “I think Keesha is crazy!” Memphis, she said that you should be positive, not brutally honest. Renny then brought Jerry to tears, when she applauded “The Colonel” for being “75 years old and giving 110%.” Dan, sensing the fact that his constant betrayals may have finally caught up to him, choked back some fake tears and toasted the PoV holder as his second “grandfather.” Well, Grandpappy wasn’t having any of it, telling Dan, “I treated you like a grandson, but I also felt totally betrayed.”

In Vino Veritas: After the dinner, Michelle pulled Keesha into the HoH room for a chat. With the girls loaded on “liquid courage,” all bets were off. Michelle ratted out Libra, Libra then ratted out Keesha, who, in turn ratted out April. The fur was flying in the HoH bedroom, with Keesha eventually storming out, declaring to the rest of the household, “I can’t play the middle man between crazy and crazier!” Keesha, just so you know the next logical step is to become the “craziest.” With the girls tearing into one another–and the attention of the BB household turned elsewhere– Dan gloated: “The feast that we won was like a benefit dinner. Every bit of that benefited me.”

PoV Ceremony: Jerry put aside his hatred for Dan on the wishes of his HoH ally Michelle, and elected not to use the PoV on either Keesha or Libra. “Dan, this is your lucky day,” Jerry said, “I’m going to keep my word to the HoH, and not use the Power of Veto.” Dan’s private response to being saved for another week? “I’d rather be lucky, then be good.”

With one-time allies Keesha and Libra already working against each other, and the BB house in constant flux, only Thursday will tell who will be evicted. –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Who are you backing in the BB house? Is there anyone left who isn’t annoying?

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