New Twist: The Golden Key guarantees you a spot in the top 10

By Patrick Gomez
Updated July 08, 2011 12:35 PM
Credit: CBS

The season premiere of Big Brother began with eight strangers entering the house, but it was not long before they were joined by six familiar faces – returning dynamic duos from Big Brother past.

The eight new “hamsters” were only in the season 13 house long enough for youth minister Keith to admit he has “a weakness for women” before host Julie Chen (a.k.a. the “Chenbot”) informed the new players of the first twist of the season: They have to play the game in self-determined pairs.

Keith was the first to snatch up a partner, VIP cocktail waitress Porsche – yes, her parents named her after the car – and before long, the other six reluctantly paired up and awaited the next twist.

Just as Porsche and sex columnist Kalia, who paired with the flamboyant, “handsome-fied” Dawon, were privately expressing their unhappiness with their partnerships, the doorbell rang and in walked the next twist: the returning duos of Evel Dick and his daughter Danielle Donato of Big Brother 8, dating couple Jeff and Jordan of Big Brother 11, and newly-engaged Brendan and Rachel of Big Brother 12.

The presence of the six “dynamic duos” sent the self-described “newbies” into a tizzy. As Dawon put it, “my mind is like a Twizzler.”

Entering the Head of Household competition, it was the “newbies” versus the returning players as all 14 houseguests held on to giant hanging bananas to win themselves the HoH key as well as immunity for their partner.

“The original eight need to stick together or we won’t have a fighting chance,” said college student Dominic. But in the end it came down to Rachel and the Donatos before the father and daughter dropped out on a promise of immunity.

“No one comes between me and my banana,” Rachel said of her ability to outlast the other contestants. But she didn’t get to celebrate for long before the Chenbot returned to drop one more bombshell on the houseguests: the Big Brother Golden Key.

“The Golden Key guarantees you a spot in the top 10,” Chen told the houseguests of the new power that will be bestowed on the surviving member of each nominated duo for the first four evictions. They will gain immunity until only ten houseguests remain but will also not compete in any competitions as long as they are immune.

And if your mind isn’t a Twizzler yet, Chen promises more twists – and a creepy fortune teller machine – still to come.