Reigning HOH Russell may have more aliases than a convicted felon (Love Muscle, Shotgun, Mongoose, etc.), and more alliances than facial hair designs, but BB‘s mixed-martial artist does have a singular vision of the future: A house without Ronnie the rat.

What’s his abject hatred for the rat all about? Much to Russell’s chagrin, the two are cut from the same cloth. Russell points out what a “stand-up” guy he is, but he lies and manipulates just as much as Ronnie — only Russell does it better.

As the deciding vote in a house split down the middle, Michele was already a wild card. But when she came roaring back to win the POV, she became more than a swing vote. “I have all the power this week,” she said. “Now I have more power then the HOH.”

With a “floater” calling the shots for the next eviction, everyone seemed on edge. Jessie went from protein shakes to a diet of fingernails and Chima cackled her way from Russell’s lap dog to the doghouse. The two with the most to lose were Russell and Ronnie. A desperate Ronnie first tried “begging” Michele, but then quickly switched to a threat, pointing out that he was a part of a strong alliance, one that would “blame” her if he ended up gong. “You will be evicted if I leave that door,” he said.

Russell didn’t go after Michele, but rather he let the POV come to him. Their HOH summit had Jessie and Natalie pacing, a jealous Chima fuming and very well may have had Ronnie packing his bags.

The final straw came when Ronnie and Chima had what they thought was a private gripe session about the domineering HOH. “He’s not anywhere near as smart as he thinks he is.” Ronnie said of Russell, with Chima quickly agreeing. Smart or not, Russell was outside the door.

At that point, even Ronnie’s close allies Jessie and Natalie declared Ronnie “dead gamer walking.”

Michele didn’t use the POV, but took a shot at Ronnie’s penchant for lying in her speech. So, it looks as if the rat has run out of cheese. But this is Big Brother. Ronnie is up against Lydia and there’s the massive wrench of the power of coup d’etat that will essentially make the prior week meaningless. The mongoose may get goosed and the rat may live to lie another day. –Reagan Alexander

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