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During her run in the Big Brother house, Michele has had her sanity questioned, she’s been challenged to a girl-on-girl fight, she’s been called a backstabber and a liar and, during one particularly hyperbolic eviction plea, was described by Ronnie as, “The worst person I have ever had the misfortune to meet.”

No wonder her housemates have dubbed her the Devil. And after 66 days (tack another “6” on there, and things just start to get creepy), that distrust finally caught up with Michele, who missed her shot at making the final three and was forced to pack her bedazzled horns, her blue dress and head to the Jury House.

Not that this Devil went without a fight. Kevin may have won the final, and most important, POV, but it was Michele who played her last days in the house to the hilt. After watching Kevin and Natalie celebrate after the POV, Michele had an epiphany, albeit the sort that comes a bit too late. “They duped us,” she seethed to a defeated Jordan, “They’re still a team!”

While Jordan chose to take this latest turn of events literally lying down, Michele strapped on her cloven hooves and set out to stir up some Final Four trouble. “I do not want Natalie to win this game,” became her mantra, as she cast aside any hope of winning the ultimate prize, and set her sights on taking down the “Lie” Kwan Doe champion. The only way she could do that, was by getting to the man that held this season’s most important POV, the walking American Apparel ad, Kevin.

Michele sidled up to her mark in a hammock, and did her best imitation of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, hissing with a combination of seduction and menace. “If you keep me around for another week, and I somehow dropped out, I would give you my vote. But, If I leave this week, I’m not giving you my vote,” she said. Michele slyly pointed out that Kevin’s last remaining ally, Natalie, had a veritable fan club waiting in the Jury House.

Let’s just say that this gave the gummy-faced Kevin pause. “Natalie keeps mentioning to me, ‘Final Two!’, Kevin later admitted, “And I’m thinking, ‘Yes, but I can’t beat you because all of your friends are in the Jury House! There is no way that I would win if I was up against you!'”

During the eviction ceremony, Jordan played to her strengths, which, in other might be called weaknesses. As she stumbled through a speech that brought attention to her trusting nature, and her lack of game-play, the message was simple: “Kevin, keep me around. I am weak, and trusting.”

Michele tried a different, if ultimately less-effective, tactic. The 27-year-old stood up, strapped on a pair of glittery Devil’s horns, and reminded the one voter who mattered that the rest of the Jury House would certainly side with him rather than giving the Big Brother Devil her due. “Kevin,” she said, “If we went together to the final two, you would be guaranteed 500,000 dollars, because I have burned so many of the jury members, I don’t stand a chance. I can either raise hell against you in the Jury House, or I can raise hell together with you.”

Kevin, who has made it clear that his trust in ally Natalie is rapidly dwindling, chose the safer, more immediate route, and Michele followed Jeff to the Jury House. With one, all-important HOH competition remaining, and the surviving three players left clinging to their Big Brother keys atop a spinning log, this game is out of the Devil’s hands, and up for grabs.–Reagan Alexander

Kevin seems tormented. Do you think he made the right choice sending Michele home? Should he have kept the stronger player?

Sonja Flemming/CBS