By People Staff
Updated August 09, 2010 01:00 AM
Credit: Sonja Flemmimg/CBS

It looks like “Brenchel” has finally worn out their welcome in the Big Brother house. The power couple faced a Brigade-stacked deck in the latest HOH competition and no amount of Rachel‘s cheerleading could give Brendon the strength to hang on long enough to secure another reign of tequila and hair extensions.

After orchestrating the latest eviction, the couple continued to operate under the common BB misconception that their alliance was the only game in town. Despite Kristen‘s outgoing warnings, no one has seemed to catch on to the fact that the Brigade even exists, most likely due to the fact that Brendon and Rachel have served as a lightening rod for the house’s attention. They twosome kept wining and whining, alienating potential allies while further annoying their enemies.

They knew they had a target on their back. But what Brendon and Rachel failed to come to terms with was that just about everyone in the house was chomping at the bit to put them up on the block against one another, with a newly-sexually frustrated Hayden leading the charge.

“Coming off the block I want nothing more than to win HOH and send Brendon or Rachel home,” the shirtless wonder wailed.

But once again, when Hayden failed to live up to his bombast, and Lane failed to live up to his bulk, it was Matt “the Gnat” that wrested the control of the house from the couple, and put the Brigade back in the driver’s seat with his second HOH win – a fact that was not lost on the diminutive megalomaniac. “I’ve got the Beast and the Animal on my side,” he said, “but for some reason the Brains is the last one standing. I’m getting a little fed up that the Brains has to be the one to pick up the weight in the physical endurance competitions.”

He’s got a point, but he’s also a grown man that wears a onesie to bed.

Matt may be part of an alliance but there has been little doubt that the Brain has a selfish mind of his own. Knowing full well that the repercussions could put his alliance in jeopardy, Matt still ripped into Pandora’s box like a kid on Christmas. He was rewarded with the Diamond Power of Veto, which swelled his head to such a level that there were doubts he would be able to squeeze it out of the HOH door frame.

“It guarantees me safety for generally the next two weeks,” he said. “I get this week, I get next week with nothing to worry about, and not only that I basically pick and choose who goes home both this week and next week. I totally run this place, like always!”

But when Matt opened Pandora’s box, a new Saboteur was released on the house, and America had chosen Ragan to be the man on our mission. Ragan has played his game under the radar, going so far as to throw two endurance competitions just so that he could keep his hands clean and a target off his back. But with $20,000 at stake, and all of America engaging in peer pressure, the college professor accepted the two-week tenure as BB Saboteur.

Matt, with his newfound “diamond” security blanket, finally followed party lines and put up Brendon and Rachel on the block, saying simply, “This couldn’t be less personal, or more strategic for that matter. You are a dominating force in this house. Right now you are the only pair to win HOH or POV constantly.”

Rachel, never one to play the drama card, took it in stride with her usual grace and poise, saying through her running mascara, “I’ve fought for 35 days in a row! I just feel like a lost puppy. I’ve fought so hard that I have to get another injection of Botox because I feel like I have so many wrinkles!”–Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Who do you want to see with the POV? What would you have Ragan do as his first act as Saboteur? Can he last two weeks without getting caught?