By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 04:07 PM
Credit: Sonja Flemmimg/CBS

She didn’t last long in the Big Brother house, but she did her best to make a lasting impression. Annie Whittington, 27, was the first victim of eviction after a resounding 10-0 vote, and that came with the rest of the house still in the dark about her role as the Saboteur. The bubbly bisexual may have only made it eight days, but she promises that she still has some tricks up her sleeve, as she sits down with PEOPLE and talks surviving Brendon, Britney, alliances and sloppy seconds. –Reagan Alexander

Did being the Saboteur hurt your game and cause your eviction?
I was really stressed out all the time. I was always worried about getting caught or someone calling me out or someone discovering I was the Saboteur. It probably changed my mental approach to the game and made me more emotional.

Going in, what was your game plan? Why would you align yourself with a showmance like Brendan and Rachel?
My strategy was to lay low and not be dramatic but I did the opposite the second I entered the house. I did not think I was actually aligning myself with a showmance and I would have never entered into that alliance had I known. That was a mistake on my part. I did my best to try and get them out of the house.

You said in your exit interview with Julie Chen, that Rachel could have your "sloppy seconds." What exactly, did you mean by that?
Nothing ever happened with Brendon. He came onto me early on in the game and I denied him. I am very happy in my own relationship. But I don t think Rachel knew any of that. But in all actuality, he wanted me, not her.

What would you have done differently?
I would not have played so hard so fast. I would have not trusted Brendon as much as I did and ultimately that is what led to my demise in this game and the biggest reason why I am gone. I should have laid low.

How does it feel to not only be the first one evicted, but to also be the first Saboteur?
I’m honored to be the first Saboteur as I am a big fan of the show and now I guess I am also a part of BB history. And I m honored that had enough confidence in me to pull it off. But I m a bit embarrassed to be the first person to leave the house. But maybe I can take it as a compliment that thought I was enough of a threat to get me out so early.

You opened up to Ragan, who is openly gay. Why weren’t you more open about your sexuality? Was that fear or game-play?
I opened to Ragan because I needed to tell someone. I was keeping it all bottled up inside and it was effecting me emotionally. That was hindering my personality from coming out during the game. I had a strong relationship with the guys and I knew they were attracted to me so I didn t reveal it to them. I wanted to be able to play off of that and use it to my advantage.

You had such a strong argument in your final plea, where you surprised by the landslide vote against you?
Honestly I wasn t shocked, but surprised by the vote of ten to zero. I thought some of the other house guests would rally for me. It hurt my feelings, but I understand it is a game.

Besides your alliance with Rachel and Brendon, were you aware of any other alliances?
Yes, I know Britney, Monet and Kathy are in one. And maybe Hayden made deal with Brendon and Rachel. Everyone else seems to be swaying back and forth, but alliances are being made.

In your opinion, who has played the best game so far?
Brendon is playing an amazing game … buttering up to everyone with the cooking, he is charming and articulate and is someone that everyone loves. He could be a big threat. Lane and Matt could also go far in the game. They re playing a good social game.

If someone other than Brendon had won POV, would you still be in the house?
One hundred percent — no question. Brendon would have been gone and I would still be there.