In the Big Brother house, he or she who regrets the least, is often the one that walks with the cash. And now it looks like Ronnie will regret his choice to put Laura up for eviction instead of Russell.

Russell has been a lightening rod for drama, but Ronnie set his sights on ousting Laura, and it was a slam-dunk eviction when he put her up against cute-as-a-bunny Jordan, who is as threatening as a Q-tip.

Ronnie’s next step may turn out to be his second-biggest mistake. With Laura on her way out, and a new HOH on their way in, the rat got greedy. His words, “I took the opportunity to throw Russell under the bus,” most likely haunted him while he spent the last two days of his HOH reign under siege in his room.

Laura knew that she was packing her bags, so she set a new goal. “If I go out the door this week,” she said, “at least I’ll take him with me.”

Laura had nothing to lose, so she gathered the house and what followed was a verbal lynching of the master debater whose best response was to look like the Muppet’s Beaker, and say, “Paranoia is super-high!”

With a united house, Russell vowed to mercilessly torment the rat, causing Ronnie essentially locked himself in the HOH room for 48 hours. Driven to tears and watching a tireless Russell pace the common area, for the first time in three weeks, Ronnie finally spoke the truth when he said, “I should have put his ass up.” Should have, could have, would have. Did not.

In an almost afterthought, Jessie won his second HOH competition in three weeks. But is this the end of Ronnie? Or will there be a Return of the Jedi for our gamer? — Reagan Alexander