By People Staff
Updated August 12, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: CBS

There’s the old saying that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but Russell has his own strategy: Screaming insults at the flies and browbeating them into submission. The problem is that even vinegar would work better in the BB house. At first, the bad-boy seemed to take his nomination for eviction in stride, saying, “I’m going to try and mend some fences,” Apparently, where Russell’s from, they mend fences with dynamite.

His attempt at an apology to Michele turned an game of pool into an argument over semantics, which quickly devolved into a shouting match that shook the house. With “nothing left to lose,” Russell turned his sights on Chima, and the screaming match that followed would have made an episode of Jerry Springer look like a sit down with Charlie Rose. Queen Chima, reigning HOH, said it best in the diary room: “Russell is an expletive! Fill in the blank America!”

The real shock of the night came with the outcome of the POV competition. Kevin was handpicked by Lydia to compete with the understanding that if “Pooh Bear” won, he would take his friend of the block. The bear got the honey, but he wasn’t about to share. Kevin had a choice between saving his friend and making enemies or sticking the POV in his pocket and making Lydia mad. Kevin abided by Chima’s wishes, leaving Lydia on the block alongside Russell. Based on the look that Lydia gave Kevin after the ceremony, “Pooh Bear,” if there is a door you can lock, lock it.

And on top of all the madness, there remains the ultimate wild-card, the Power of the Coup D’etat. It’s been called “the wizard,” the mystical wand,” and a “unicorn” (thank you, Jordan). Whatever its name, the voting public has given Jeff the power to turn the game upside-down by taking one or both contestants off the eviction block and replace them with nominations of his own.

In this house, nothing is ever set in stone but it’s hard to look past the fact that when pressed by Jordan, Jeff said without pause, “More than anything, I would like to see Natalie on the block against Jessie.” –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: With Russell plotting against him, should Jeff use Coup D’etat to put up Natalie and Jessie? Will Lydia last long enough in the house to forgive Kevin?CBS