'Big Brother' : Were JoJo and Shane in a Show-mance?

"It was all just for fun," JoJo Spatafora says of flirting with Shane

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS/Landov

In one week, Big Brother coach Britney Haynes lost two players.

Last week, fans of the CBS reality show watched Willie Hantz get ejected from the game by producers after a physical altercation with fellow contestant Joe Arvin. Then on Thursday, Haynes lost another player in a much more conventional way – eviction.

JoJo Spatafora paid the ultimate price for being on Haynes’s team (and therefore associated with Hantz’s antics). The Staten Island bartender, 26, was sent packing in an almost unanimous vote. Her last standing teammate Shane Meaney was the sole vote to keep her in the house.

The morning after her eviction, Spatafora spoke to PEOPLE about the fight that sealed her fate, her feeling on the coaches’ twist, and just how close she and Meaney got in the house.

Did you know it was you going home?
Yeah. I knew if Shane or I did not win the veto we were definitely going home. Britney’s players were targets from the first HOH competition. When we voted to evict Frank we voted against the house and then Willie’s antics just made it worse.

What do you remember of Willie’s fight with Joe?
Once me and Shane and Britney started distancing ourselves from Willie I guess it kind of set him off. We didn’t know he would react that way. He realized he had no one. He just went off and started calling everyone in the house every bad name he could think of. Joe walked past him – he was just the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time – I was making a protein shake and just didn’t want to get involved.

Did you see the fight coming at all?
No. Not at all. I thought verbally, maybe, but I never expected him to get physical.

We got to see you and Shane discussing the possibility of making out. Was there anything between you two?
It was all just for fun. You get lonely in the house. There were no feelings on my end and I’m pretty sure on his too. I like to spice things up and make the show exciting. I think I was the first person to have a secret show-mance. He flirted with every girl and I flirted with almost every guy. I think we could have pulled it off. We flirted a lot but mostly everyone thought we were really good friends because we had the same coach.

What do you think of the Coaches’ twist?
I hated it. I just wish it had been all newbies in the house. It would have been a totally different game.

Do Britney or Dan have a chance to make it to the end of the game with just one player each?
I don’t think that they have a chance because Boogie and Janelle have an alliance so they are going to be gunning for Dan and Britney next. Britney is a good coach in that she doesn’t try and manipulate you. She gives you advice and you decide if you take it, but I think she could have had a more positive attitude and worked a little harder as a coach.

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