July 29, 2009 12:00 AM

See Jessie lie in his bed. See Jessie flat-out lie. See Jessie flex in the mirror. See Jessie frustrate Natalie and Lydia. See Jessie get what he wants. The bodybuilder may be on the way out of his second reign as HOH, but the boomerang BB contestant has proven himself to be a manipulator on par with Ronnie.

Braden went home because of me, Laura went home because of me. Casey‘s going to go home because of me,” Jessie boasted on Tuesday’s episode. “I’m picking off left, and right.” As much as one hates to admit it, he was right.

The House had a plan to kick Ronnie out, but the HOH’s mantra remained the same: “Jessie is going to do what’s right for Jessie.” And this week, what was right for Jessie was to keep the rat and try to make sure that the banana split.

Ronnie had a target on his back heftier than Lydia‘s makeup bag; the two pawns were in place on the eviction block; and when Michele took the POV it seemed like all the planets had aligned. In fact, Casey was so confident with the plan that he practically threw the POV competition so that he could host a margarita party. Then he got a bit greedy and was rewarded with the task of wearing a banana suit. All anyone could talk about was how sure they were that Ronnie would be put up in Michele’s place — everyone, that is, except for the one voice that actually mattered.

Jessie loves attention, but why has he taken a shine to Ronnie? It’s a confused bromance — with Jessie alternately calling Ronnie an “asset,” and then comparing him to a felon — but a bromance nonetheless. In a secret meeting with Jessie and Natalie, Ronnie gushed, “Dude, you are my brother from another mother and you are my sister from another mister.” Gag.

In order to seal Casey’s fate and keep the rat around, Jessie waged the “Team Jessie Bandwagon” campaign from his HOH bed.

It’s hard to take a man in a banana suit seriously but when Casey caught wind of Jessie’s backdoor antics and confronted the HOH in his room, it was Jessie that seemed like the nervous one. “What I’m saying is that the right guy is going to go out the door,” he squeaked.

Michele used the POV to save herself and Jessie picked Casey as the replacement evictee, putting the disgruntled fruit up alongside Jordan. The rat lives another week and Jessie has become BB public enemy No. 1.

At least Jordan and Jeff seem to finally be playing the game and Lydia’s ire towards Natalie is sure to cause a rift in the Jessie bandwagon. But for now, Jessie, the preening rooster that he is, is still ruling the roost. Sonja Flemming/CBS(2)

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