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August 24, 2009 12:00 AM

Where has all the crazy gone? Following Chima‘s expulsion, and Lydia‘s subsequent eviction, the BB house suddenly seems to be lacking in the insanity department. Sunday played out like an episode of Sesame Street. Ernie and Bert (Jordan and Jeff) remained in control of a subdued house, Oscar the Grouch (Russell) did his best to keep things exciting by erupting over a meaningless card game with Elmo (Natalie), while Grover (Kevin), and Big Bird (Michele) waited in the wings of their respective alliances.

This episode brought to you by the letter Zzzzzz …

The action lagged so much that the show dedicated an entire segment to Jeff’s role as the bare-chested gardener of the house (though, to his credit, judging by the reaction of the remaining females and Kevin, there is a cable gardening show in Jeff’s future). Besides displaying a green thumb and washboard abs, Jeff also happened to win the latest HOH, which meant that Jordan was able to continue her bubble bath regimen and the rest of the house guests were left looking to either befriend or befuddle the affable salesman from Chicago.

Kevin and Natalie went to work on the latter, parlaying Jeff (and Jordan’s) distrust of Russell into an uneasy final four alliance of their own with Natalie, asking the $500,000 question of Jeff, “Would he rather be with who are sketchy and not loyal and talking behind his back or us?” Just to clarify, this question was posed behind Jeff’s back only a few days after Kevin had caused a rift in the other alliance, taking the art form of lying to a master class level.

Russell, who’s instincts are as primal as his relationship skills, sensed something rotten in Denmark and tried to clear the air with the new HOH, telling Jeff, “When you’re up here, will tell you whatever you need to hear to save themselves.”

Later, when confronted by a fiery Jordan, Russell tried a different tact, one not seen with regularity on BB: honesty.

“I don’t have a shot against you,” he confessed to Jeff. “I will probably try to take you out if it gets down to final four. You’re a stud, I don’t stand a chance against you in the finals.” And, with that, Natalie and Kevin found themselves alongside each other on the eviction block, in what appeared to be one of the friendliest nomination ceremonies the house has ever seen.

But even though he stuck to the plan and put up the two remaining members of the opposing alliance up, it’s clear that Jeff still has his eye on the Love Muscle. “Russell,” he confessed, “I pulled your key first. I made you feel safe. And that’s exactly how I wanted you to feel.” –Reagan Alexander

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