"I don't know if there's fireworks for me and James," Meg Maley said

By Michele Corriston
Updated October 09, 2015 01:55 PM

This season of Big Brother was a summer of showmances, from southern sweethearts Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole going steady (they only kissed once, you guys) to Liz Nolan overcoming her aversion to tuna fish-filled pony-beards and becoming Austin Matelson’s new girlfriend.

But despite his best efforts and impressive scare tactics, James Huling stayed squarely in the friend zone with Meg Maley – until now.

Maley, 25, appeared on PEOPLE Now on Friday to discuss her experience as a house guest, and the conversation naturally turned to her number-one ally.

“James is the kid in first grade who that likes picks his nose and smears it on the face of the girl he likes. So I don’t know if there’s fireworks for me and James,” she said, smiling. “I’m going to visit him in a couple weeks. Team Jeg all the way.”

That’s when Huling, 31, surprised her, Skyping in to the interview.

“We’re getting engaged and we’re going to get married,” he teased. “Meg, you know you can’t get rid of me like that.”

“I like it because you know what, I like the chase,” he added of their playful relationship. “I’m like an antelope in the jungle.”

Watch the video above to see the adorable moment and learn what really went on during Meg and Clay’s drunk encounter in the bathroom.