High School was never like this. The Jocks have ostracized one of their own because he fell for a pretty blond, the Offbeats are in, the Populars aren’t so popular, and the one calling the shots is a self-described nerd who says in his bio that he can, “state the order of every person evicted from the BB house.” After last night, he can add one more to the list. So much for Revenge of the Nerds, this is Revenge of Ronnie!

Alsongside Chima on the block, Braden may have put it best when he asked, “What the hell’s going on here?” The answer: backdoor dealings and machinations of the 30 year-old Star Wars fan Ronnie.

Russell may think he’s the power behind the HOH throne, but his smug bravado is no match for Ronnie’s sinisterness. The loud-mouthed “Love-Muscle” focused in on ousting Braden, who he thought was playing the role of addle-brained surfer dude, and vowed to “cut off the head of the snake.”

After a few pokes from Russell, Braden confronted Lydia. At first, he played it cool, but conversations don’t degenerate any faster than this one. Braden warned Lydia that her backstabbing would be her downfall and that the offbeat inker should get a tattoo that said, “I got evicted because I back-stabbed that had your back and that were truthful to you and thank you very much for so many great times.” A little wordy, but done tastefully, it could be a nice addition to her collection if there’s room.

Braden summed up his argument by saying to Lydia, “You’re a bitch, and you’re a skank.” And with those words, all hell broke loose in the BB house. Kevin jumped to Lydia’s defense and Braden splashed a drink across his chest. From that point on, it was hard to pinpoint who was yelling at whom.

Everyone joined the melee, but one voice you didn’t hear was Ronnie’s. He’s become whisper king, pulling members of each clique aside and filling them with a false sense of security. When the dust settled, the house was split down the middle, half for Chima and half for Braden — and yet Ronnie continued to play both sides! Casey took pride in being the swing vote but in the end, Ronnie was the one that put his stamp on this season’s first eviction, announcing to the world, “I am going to hell. I vote to evict Braden.”

He may not be going to hell, but he’s going to the second week of BB. And he’s going in style. Not only did Ronnie effectively control the first eviction, he also went on to win HOH, which not only means that the Brains are safe for a week, but that the HOH room will be done up with Star Wars sheets — and Laura will most likely have to wear Princess Leia’s Return of the Jedi outfit. — Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Will the power of HOH go to Ronnie’s head? Who will be the first to sniff him out as the one that betrayed Braden?Sonja Flemming/CBS(2)