July 27, 2009 12:00 AM

Musclebound Jessie has truly outdone himself. Resurrected for another BB season, the bodybuilding antagonist has already won two HOH competitions, and now he’s the center of BB‘s oddest love triangle.

It was strange enough that the outspoken Natalie became Jessie’s “Mini-Muscle,” but to make this season even more bizarre, the heavily-tattooed Lydia seems to have fallen under the testosterone spell of the man whose biceps are rivaled only by the size of his ego. Lydia took a break from her usual weeping to develop what she called a “kindergarten crush” on Jessie, and, shockingly, the Muscles from Iowa reciprocated the attention. The twosome cozied up on pretty much every horizontal surface that the house had to offer.

Kevin summed up the newly-found love connection bestt: “Lydia’s into Jessie, Natalie’s into Jessie, and Jessie’s into Jessie.” Not to be outdone, Jessie opined, “It’s tough being me. In this game it’s not always a good thing to be ridiculously good-looking.” (Note: Modesty is not listed in Jessie’s bio). Here’s hoping the house has room for the newest contestant– Jessie’s over-inflated ego.

Even with so much love in the air, some of the remaining house guests were still focused on actually playing the game. Russell, after a week of tormenting Ronnie, admitted to a secret alliance with the Rat, while Casey seemed hellbent on making sure that Ronnie’s days in the house were numbered, even the ineffectual Jordan got into the gaming mix. Ronnie, who had been targeted by the entire house only days prior, went on a campaign of “kissing some butt and rebuilding bridges.”

More shocking than the love triangle that has blossomed, Ronnie the Rat’s plan seems to have worked. During the eviction ceremony, Michele was put up alongside Jordan, a move from Jessie that will invariably rub the rest of the house the wrong way. From the start, Casey had implored the HOH to “stick to the plan,” which was to backdoor The Rat and send Ronnie packing.

Jessie, involved in a showmance triangle, was too busy to keep his pledge. And with Lydia and Natalie sharpening their claws, Casey rallying the rest of the house against Jessie, and Russell and Ronnie forming the most unholy of alliances, Tuesday’s POV competition will most certainly set the tone for the rest of the week. –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Is the the showmance between Lydia, Jessie and Natalie for real? Are you glad Ronnie has lasted this long?

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