'Big Brother' 's Britney: Dan's 'Funeral' Was Bizarre

Britney Haynes also tells PEOPLE she knew "right away" that she was going home

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS/Landov

Another coach bites the dust.

Britney Haynes was infamously ousted by The Brigade alliance the first time she competed in the Big Brother house, but this season it was her own Quack Pack that sent her out the door.

The pharmaceutical sales rep, 24, told PEOPLE the morning after her eviction how Ian has become a force to be reckoned with, why Jenn’s “big move” is a joke, and what she really thought of Dan’s "funeral."

You mentioned being the "big bad wolf" to Shane. What did you mean by that?
I felt like I was always held accountable for Shane’s actions, which may have been fair. I think I always tried to be aware or overly aware of everything that was going on in the house. I tried to make sure my bases were covered.

What was it like being up against Danielle, your "best friend in the house"?
Being up against Danielle was bad in two ways. We were good friends, so knowing one of us was leaving was really sad. Also, it wasn’t the first time Danielle was used as a pawn and she is a really difficult person to make your case against.

When did you know it was you going home?
I knew right away. I had to have one of two votes. I had to get Shane to evict his girlfriend, or Dan to evict the only true ally he has had in the house since day 14. I knew it wasn’t looking good immediately.

You and Shane were such allies in the house, how did you feel about his vote to evict you?
It was definitely disappointing, but I expected him to vote for Danielle. I was close to a lot of people in the house, but Shane and Danielle were really the most loyal to one another.

After being a coach how did you feel about entering the game as a player?
I was definitely nervous, and at the same time excited. It was nice to feel like I was in charge of my own fate in the game.

Ian was very adamant of avenging your eviction.
I think that Ian will do his best to make sure that it is avenged. And Ian is growing as a player every week. He is much more of a threat now than he ever thought about being on day 1.

Jenn seems to have emerged finally as a player in the house. Did you see that coming?
I disagree. Jenn played right into Dan’s hands, and she went from being on no one’s target list to being on everyone’s target list just to make a statement. It didn’t even make sense for her game.

What was going through your head as Dan held his "funeral"?
I was just thinking, “This is so bizarre. Why am I sitting here listening to a funeral for someone who is standing right in front of me?” It was just weird.

How is married life?
I love being a wife! Life outside the house is fantastic and I’ve definitely settled down. I would like to be a parent relatively soon.

Any regrets from your time in the house?
I really try not to have regrets but I can see poor decisions when I’ve made them and I feel I made many. Chief among them was evicting Janelle over Frank.

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