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September 06, 2010 01:00 AM

It seems like Christmas keeps coming early for Hayden in the Big Brother house. He jumped right into the house’s ruling power alliance, he had a secret showmance with a hippie fitness model, all the while covertly snatching up cash and prizes and winning competitions when it mattered the most.

The frizzy-headed frat boy’s path to the final four has been as blessed as it has been shirtless. This week proved to be no different, with Hayden winning the most coveted HOH competition of the season, one that was, appropriately enough, Yuletide themed.

Enzo couldn’t muster up the belly-flopping magic that won him the last POV, but as far as the Jersey native was concerned, a victory for the Brigade was a victory for him (and his inflated ego) as well.

“When Hayden wins, it’s like me winning!” he boasted, “I started this thing from the beginning! I’m the mastermind of the whole Brigade!”

Not everyone in the house was feeling the euphoria of the Brigade’s latest win. Britney could see the writing on the wall, and followed BB tradition of dealing with surmountable odds by retreating to her bed with a box of tissues.

Lane, who had twice put his relationship with Britney before his alliance to the Brigade, showed a bit more composure, exchanging high-fives and man-hugs with his boys, but later admitting in the Diary Room, “I would rather have seen Britney win the HOH over Hayden, because I have a better shot at beating Britney in the final two than I do over Hayden!”

As surprising as Lane’s suddenly linear (and non-shotgun related) thinking had become, even more shocking was Hayden’s corresponding BB epiphany.

“I’ve won three HOH’s now,” he said, with factory smoke pouring from his ears, “Clearly I’m one of the best competitors in the house, if not the best competitor. Nobody’s going to want to take me to the final two because they think I’m going to beat them.”

Not resting on his laurels, the HOH leapt into action, working overtime to making a flurry of final two deals throughout the house. Hayden was so intent on securing a place in the finale that he may have made final two deals with the coffee maker and the microwave as well (With both appliances seemingly confident that they could ultimately outwit the Arizona native).

Britney rallied from her self-pity party to take a luxury competition that will most likely end up being nothing more than a ten thousand dollar consolation prize, as her win ruffled the feathers of the ruling party.

“Okay, you won Britney, good for you!” Enzo said, with language flavored with sour grapes, “Now you’ve got ten G’s, another target on your back, and you just won a vacation to the jury house!”

Despite his bluster, and his continuous assault on the English language, it’s about time we all stopped doubting Enzo. If you can get past the third-person feline references, the “Meow-Meow” has been the one, unspectacular, but steady constant in this game.

As he predicted, Hayden put up Lane as a pawn alongside Britney, a move that had no one feeling particularly safe.

Going into this all-important POV, in which everyone is eligible to play, Britney rightly feels as if she is in a “do or die”, Lane is sure that his best chance is to send Enzo home, while Hayden and Enzo have started a plot against their fellow remaining Brigade member … In short, the table in the kitchen may have gone from thirteen chairs to four, but the game has only really just begun. – Reagan Alexander

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