'Big Brother' 's Shane Meaney: Dan Gheesling Is A 'Dirty Player'

Meaney talks about the big blindside and whom he may vote for in the finale

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS; John P. Filo/CBS

Handshakes mean nothing in the Big Brother house – and Shane Meaney learned that lesson the hard way.

He trusted his alliance with returning player Dan Gheesling so much that he allowed himself to be put up for elimination in Gheesling’s place.

Did he even consider whether or not Gheesling would betray him? “Absolutely not,” Meaney told PEOPLE the morning after his eviction. “I have no idea why Dan kept Ian over me. He went against his final three deal [with Danielle and me] that he shook my hand and swore on his wife’s name.”

The eviction has Meaney even questioning his relationship with his closest ally in the house, Danielle Murphree.

“I honestly don’t know [if she knew what Dan would do],” Meaney said of Murphree, who viewers know had no idea. “It could be that they both blindsided me but I’m pretty sure it was mostly Dan.”

Meaney and Murphree had shared kisses in the Big Brother house this summer, but he admits to intentionally keeping their relationship out of showmance territory.

“I was definitely holding back. I knew that if we were pretty serious around other houseguests they would put us up against each other,” he said. “But whenever she did win HoH, I made sure that I was safe.”

Now a part of the jury, Meaney says he is looking at the remaining players “overall gameplay – strength in competitions, social game play and loyalty” – to determine who will get his vote for winner.

One person who can expect a snub at the Sept. 19 finale? Gheesling.

“He is definitely a dirty player for what he did to [Danielle] at the funeral and to me,” Meaney said. “He is a liar and he is not true to his word. That type of gameplay does have a place in the game but not when you are in an alliance with someone and you have a deal.”

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