By People Staff
Updated September 02, 2010 01:00 AM
Credit: Sonja Flemmimg/CBS/Landov(2)

The last thing Lane ever wanted to incorporate in his game was actually getting his Texas-sized mittens dirty. When you’re as big as Lane is, it’s hard to be a wallflower, but the role was working well for the oil-rig salesman, who was fast at making friends without ever having to make any difficult decisions. He tried his best to gift-wrap the last HOH for Enzo, but when his fellow Brigade member faltered (yet again), the teddy bear Beast was forced to step up.

Lane reluctantly took on the burden of HOH, but he didn’t follow the Brigade’s script, instead opting for buxom-buddy Britney over his testosterone-fueled alliance. Ragan was the obvious target for eviction, but Enzo, still in penguin garb, turned out to be the surprise pawn in Lane’s passion(less) play to not add insult to the Jury House.

Both eviction nominees saw their nominations as a call to arms, with Enzo practically foaming at the mouth (or beak), and Ragan getting his very own Rocky-esque training montage.

“I have to do everything myself,” Ragan said, before slipping into the dreaded Big Brother trap of speaking of yourself in the third person, “because right now I feel like it’s four against Ragan.”

And, in Ragan’s defense, it was more than just four players against one, it was two separate alliances against one man with a penchant for melodrama, blankets and self-pity. The Brigade had three members still standing, and Lane had his side alliance with Britney, which left the college professor with a masters in being the odd man out.

The POV competition proved to be no different, despite the fact that Ragan seemed to be finally beating the odds. He ousted two Brigade members, and Britney before the final, and unforgettable face-off with Enzo.

With both eviction nominees the only players left standing, things got dicey, and then a few elbows may have been thrown before Enzo made an unforgettable leap for his first real victory of the season.

Not only did the “Meow-Meow” beat the curse of the BB costume, and finally make good on all of his previous boasts, but the Jersey native seemed to kick his game into high gear. With a puffed-out chest, and an equally inflated sense of self worth, “Meow-Meow” became a kitten on fire.

“Look at this, baby!” he said to no one in particular as he held up the POV medallion, “Pop-Pop got the bling-bling!”

Enthusiasm aside, we all know that you don’t have a thing in the house even when you have what you call the “bling-bling”.

Enzo took himself off the block in the hopes of getting Lane to put up Britney as a backdoor victim, but once again, Lane went with the Blonde over the Brigade, and for good reason.

“I don’t know if I can trust Hayden and Enzo if I put Britney up on the block,” Lane admitted, “We got rid of Matt because he was close with Ragan, so they might just get rid of Britney, and then I’m in big time trouble.”

That “big trouble” being the fact that Lane, though not the sharpest knife in the drawer, had finally realized that his “aw-shucks” strategy, and allegiance with Hayden and Enzo may prove to be a one-way ticket away from the money and to the Jury House.

A stunned, lipless, and shirtless Hayden went up as the replacement nominee as Lane started to shift gears away from the power alliance, and into his new-found “powder-puff” alliance.

“The Brigade has no clue!” Lane later admitted in the Diary Room, “I want to go to the final two with Britney. I’m here to win half-a-million, not fifty-thousand, and my best chance at that is having Britney next to me!” –Reagan Alexander