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August 05, 2010 01:00 AM

The first half of this season of Big Brother has devolved into the battle of slobbering showmances, as Rachel and Kristen demonstrate why reality show romances are a bad idea.

Rachel’s Bring it on speech left enough tongues wagging that Brendon did his best to put the power couple into spin-doctor mode. “Babe, why do you keep saying this stuff?” he asked. “If you challenge to come after us, guess what’s going to happen – they’re going to come after us.”

Scientific thinking at its best! But Rachel viewed Brendon’s response as a moment of weakness. “I need you to be on my team and not against me!” the HOH said. “If we turn on each other, then we’re both f—–! What am I supposed to do, bake everyone f—— cookies and sing ‘Kumbaya’ to them? I’m sorry, this is Big Brother!”

She’s right. But not even Evel Dick Donato had the stones to engage in a strategy based on a Peter, Paul, and Mary song, not to mention the filthy baked goods.

With one showmance in power, and another on the block, the POV competition took on a whole new meaning, and besides making it painfully clear that Brendon will never have a future in acting, the POV was as hotly contested as it was convoluted. Once a player was knocked out, they chose a prize, which could be snatched up by the next player eliminated. Kristen, battling for her BB life, was the first to exit and tenuously claimed the POV medallion.

Ragan won a ticket to the next veto competition, a prize that was taken away from him by Rachel, who was convinced that if Ragan stayed in the game and won, then the nominations would stay the same.

Prizes seemed to be passed back and forth, and Hayden even subjected his girlfriend to a week in the “Hippie-tard,” but in the end it, was Britney who emerged with the POV medallion. “I now hold the fate of these in my little hands, and guess what?” she confessed. “I like it that way.”

And as much as she may have enjoyed her time in the BB backlight, Britney is suddenly proving to be a player to watch. The petite blonde was in the midst of making a power move with Hayden that would have held up in the Pantheon of BB backdoors, had Hayden not let it fall so heavily to the ground. Instead of using the POV, Britney has proved that she is a player that knows how to slap a person in the face, even while you pull them closer. –Reagan Alexander

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