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August 13, 2010 01:00 AM

All season long on Big Brother Rachel‘s mantra has been as simple as it is shrill: “Ain’t no one gonna get between me and my man!!”

Despite her continuous onslaught against the English language – and her ability to alienate the other house guests – the 26-year-old cocktail waitress played a strong game, winning two HOH competitions and unwittingly keeping the Brigade at bay. But in the end, someone did get between her and her man, Brendon – and it wasn’t just the unanimous 6-0 vote to send her packing. In a twist that only BB could cook up, it was none other than Brendon himself who spelled Rachel’s doom.

With the power couple put up on the eviction block against each other, Rachel went with her rote response, which was an unhealthy mix of crocodile tears and cattiness.

Brendon went on the offensive – in every sense of the word. His speech was an outright attack on Britney and Ragan, but there was a method behind the swim coach’s foray into the deep end of madness.

“My plan is to take the target off of Rachel’s back, and put it on me,” he happily admitted. “I figured by attacking Ragan and Britney it would initiate a chain-reaction that would cause everyone in the house to want to vote me out.”

Ragan fell for it, and fired back, calling Brendon a “Neanderthal.” Taken out of context, it’s a biting insult, but Rachel herself did say that Brendon’s efforts in the last POV could have been bested by a “monkey.” The silver lining for Brendon is that even when he loses, the Riverside native seems to take steps up the evolutionary ladder each day.

Britney took the bait as well, but wasn’t as kind as Ragan in her assessment of Brendon. “He’s just a disgusting human being,” she said in the Diary Room. “He is a pansy, he is an idiot. He’s the freaking spawn of Satan and he definitely has to leave this house!”

And now a moment brought to you by cliches: Brendon was bent on digging his own grave, trying to throw himself under the bus. Love makes men do odd things, and when you sprinkle some delusion on top of that, well, you get Brendon, who seems to have forgotten that this is all a game.

“People may think I’m an idiot for giving up a shot at half a million dollars,” he said. “But I’m in love, and if giving up half a million dollars for someone you love makes you an idiot, then I guess I’m an idiot.”

Finally, we’re all on the same page.

The self-professed “idiot” then escalated his attacks on Ragan and Britney as he was bent on his own destruction. In what we will call the “March of Early Man” Brendon’s courtyard rant was so bleeped out that it called to mind one of Chima‘s tirades from last season. “Keep me, please,” he said, even as he was being mocked back through the sliding doors, “because I’ll win HOH and I’ll watch all of you cockroaches scramble.”

However, Rachel was seen as the real threat, and no amount of Brendon’s antagonizing or bullying could change that fact – or change the votes. At the end of the night, a stunned Rachel packed up her extensions and her tequila and walked out the BB door, the Vegas girl leaving her boyfriend behind in house of cards stacked against him. –Reagan Alexander

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