'Big Brother' : Another Eviction, Another Showmance

Photo: Sonja Flemmimg/CBS(2)

Before she went into the Big Brother house, Monet told PEOPLE that her motto was “to live life with no regrets.” She later added that her greatest accomplishment was “a really good driver’s license picture.” After being the second house guest evicted, the model, 24, will have plenty of time for regrets, but she’ll always have that driver’s license photo!

Not even Matt getting called out in an impromptu house meeting could save Monet, who’s strategy seemed to consist of feeling sorry for herself, crying with Britney and talking about taking her fist to ‘s faces.

Rachel‘s stupid, Brendon‘s stupid, Kristen‘s stupid, Kathy‘s stupid,” she said to Britney. Apparently Monet failed to realize that lounging in the cabana room talking about how everyone else is stupid is, well, stupid.

Despite her best efforts at doing nothing, Monet did have a shot at sticking around for one more week when Britney and Rachel got together for a meeting and realized that Matt was playing every angle. Confronted with his lies in front of the entire house by Rachel and Brendon, Matt stammered a bit, then turned the tables on the showmance power couple by claiming to be “strong-armed” into going up as a pawn.

With the house confused and the rest of the Brigade staring at the carpet, the self-proclaimed genius took on a defiant tone, telling Brendon and Rachel, “You two are certainly a target for me next week, and of anyone in the house thinks that you shouldn’t be a target for them, they’re idiots!”

Monet then stood up, choosing that moment to make her best, least-pugilistic argument about staying in the house over Matt. “If you guys want to vote me out for ten thousand dollars that’s fine,” she told her house mates, “but you better watch your backs, because he’ll lie to all of you and he get away with it.”

But Matt did get away with it, at least for one more week, and nothing could sum up the downfall of the weeping model with anger management issues better than Andrew’s goodbye message to Monet: “I don’t even know what you were doing here,” he said. “You had no strategy. You took the ten thousand. Everything you did was completely wrong if you were really trying to win this game.”

While Monet was packing her bags, Hayden, who seems to hate wearing shirts as much as Jessie did last season, hit the diary room to come clean about a budding relationship that he was doing his best to keep under wraps. “Kristen and I have a secret showmance that resembles a third or fourth grade crush,” he confessed, “People in a showmance don’t make it far in this game normally, so we’re keeping it completely on the down-low. Hopefully nobody will know about it.”

Well, the new couple isn’t being as sly as they thought, a fact that their roommate Andrew pointed out. “Who do they think they’re fooling?” the podiatrist said with a laugh. “I’m five feet away, supposedly sleeping, and they’re smooching and putting their tongues down each other’s mouths. It’s like trying to fall asleep listening to a dirty movie!”

With the house divided, a rat revealed, and a new showmance to deal with, everyone seems to be angling for that all-important HOH, but who will get the key? –Reagan Alexander

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