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July 30, 2010 01:00 AM

The podiatrist stepped in it.

Andrew, as quirky and unpredictable as he may be, was viewed by most inside the Big Brother house as a “floater,” a player that hangs around without ever posing a serious threat to the sharks of the game. In the blink of an eye, he went from pawn to patsy, and he had no one to blame but himself – and Matt, but you can blame just about anything on the outgoing HOH.

Put up for eviction, Andrew’s paranoia led him to the misguided play that left most of the rest of the house laughing at what Matt later described as “amateur theater hour.” One can only assume that it’s poor BB form to tell someone that you’re coming after them, and then ask him to take you of the block.

Kathy, who was also up for eviction, got a much-needed miracle that was hand delivered by the plodding podiatrist himself. As the house turned against him, and Andrew became more of an outcast, the strain seemed to take it’s toll. “I’m not the socialite here,” he said, dabbing at the tears in his eyes. “It’s very hard, mentally.”

It’s one thing to lose your temper, but Andrew lost his grip. When his plan at the veto meeting blew up in his face, he decided that he would use the eviction meeting to throw the house into turmoil. After Kathy gave her final plea, which essentially was a serenade to the rest of the house, Andrew stood and delivered the goods in what Julie Chen would later call, “the best last plea speech I’ve ever seen.”

Andrew revealed to the rest of the house that Hayden and Kristen were engaged in a secret showmance that would eventually spell doom for the rest of the house. “You need my help to get this relationship out!” Andrew said, as he described the “massages and kisses and more” that had cost him countless hours of sleep. Practically frothing at the mouth, Andrew then revealed for the house this intel: Kristen thinks that Britney talks funny and that she also has Ragan in her pocket.

Fittingly enough, Andrew ended his tirade with the sign-off, “Captain Kosher out,” because moments later the podiatrist was hoofing it out the front door on the wrong side of a unanimous vote.

Ragan put it best when he said, “I vote to institutionalize and evict Andrew.”

Before the eviction dust had a chance to settle, and the jaws had been picked up from the floor, Rachel proved once again that she is just as crafty as she is curvy by scoring another HOH win and shifting the power once again to the Power Couple. But her trust in Brendon was tested with the Andrew debacle, and while the podiatrist may be gone, he will not soon be forgotten.

The after effects of Hurricane Andrew were felt when tempers flared as the show came to a close, with Kristen and Rachel engaged in a yelling match that ended with the new HOH, saying, “Why don’t you grab a life vest because you’re a floater and you’re in dangerous waters, Kristen.” –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: What effect will Andrew’s outgoing speech have on the rest of the house? With Rachel as HOH again, who’s days are numbered, Hayden’s or Kristen’s?

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