The winner of the Big Brother Road Kill will be able to impact the game like never before

Credit: Bill Inoshita/CBS

Big Brother fans know to expect the unexpected, but they also know to expect a little skin during summer’s hottest reality competition.

And in it’s eighteenth season, Big Brother is heating up with a brand new “game-changing” weekly competition that will debut on Sunday’s episode – and PEOPLE has exclusive photos of the houseguests mid-comp.

The Big Brother Road Kill competition will be completed individually by each houseguest still in the competition and “the winner will be able to impact the game like never before,” according to CBS.

What exactly the power the winner will receive has yet to be revealed, but in the past contestants have won abilities to take a nominated houseguest off the chopping block, decide who is on slop for the week, win money or divvy out various other punishments or rewards.

Each week, the competition will take place in the Big Brother RV, which will be moved into the backyard specifically for the competition.

The very first Big Brother Road Kill will have the houseguests stripping down out of a track suit (complete with tube socks) into their bathing suit while trying to keep the three buttons in front of them pushed down at all times.

The houseguests will start with their right foot and both hands on the buttons but are able to use any body part to keep the buttons down once the timer starts.

If one button is released, the timer will speed up by 30x until the button is pressed down again. If two buttons are released at the same time, the timer will speed up by 60x. If all three buttons are released at once, the timer will speed up by 120x.

Ultimately, the houseguest who completes the task with the shortest time on the timer will be declared the winner. They will be informed of their win secretly in the diary room.

PEOPLE staff writer Patrick Gomez got the exclusive opportunity to attempt the challenge before any of the houseguests and says it was more challenging than he expected it to be.

“I thought I could use my elbow effectively to keep one of the buttons pushed down while I used my hand to remove some of the other clothing,” he says. “I made good use of my left foot but wish I had thought about using other body parts, like my head, too.”

Taking into account the sped up times, Gomez’s official timer stopped at 15 minutes and .5 seconds.

But how will the actual houseguests do?

Big Brother airs Wednesday at 8 p.m., Thursdays at 9 p.m. and Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBS.