5 Things to Know About Audrey Middleton, 'Big Brother' 's First Transgender Contestant

The 25-year-old once worked as a MMA Ring Girl

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother has had its share of memorable, controversial, and noteworthy contestants. Now, in the show’s seventeen season, the CBS reality competition will welcome its first transgender houseguest.

Audrey Middleton – a digital media consultant from Villa Rica, Georgia – is a self-described “Big Brother super-fan” who plans to “make bold moves” while competing in the house.

Middleton will reveal to her fellow houseguests that she is transgender on the show’s season premiere Wednesday night, and here are five other facts you should know about the 25-year-old:

1. She used to work as a MMA Ring Girl
Before becoming a digital media consultant, Middleton built up an eclectic resume. In addition to working ringside at mixed martial arts fights, she was employed in pizza delivery, according to her bio provided by CBS.

2. She likens herself to Beyoncé
“I love to get dressed up and go out. I like to put a lot of effort into my appearance. Not in a superficial way, but it’s one of the most fun forms of self-expression for me. Fabulous hair, lashes, makeup, she says “I’m the Beyoncé of my life story. As I should be, right?”

3. She’s quite the outdoorswoman
“I love doing things outdoors. Camping, hiking, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, swimming and the list goes on,” she says. “I live for adventure!”

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4. She believes in astrology – and tarot cards
“I do believe in being able to tap into the unconscious and revealing a perspective that you can’t necessarily see as clearly with all the conscious ‘brain chatter,’ ” she says.

“I don’t believe they have magical powers and will tell my unforeseen certain future, but each card offers a psychological perspective that should be in the hindsight of a person’s mind anyways.”

5. She (Sort of) Won Survivor
“I actually found a nerdy online format of the show Survivor that was created by a fan and participated in it for two months,” she says. “Astrology was a major part of my strategy. I chose to use astrology because it’s an ice-breaker and no one is threatened by it because most people don’t believe in its legitimacy. So I did a chart for each person, and leveraged moves based on each person’s astrological ego and won.”

Big Brother‘s season 17 premiere will air Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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