Host Julie Chen announces the show's new twists as the competition begins with 16 houseguests
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Sixteen houseguests moved into the Big Brother house on Wednesday’s premiere episode – and it wasn’t long before the game play – and romantic entanglements – began.

“There are all kind of beautiful women in this house,” said Howard Overby, 29, who had already caught the eye of pageant coordinator GinaMarie Zimmerman, 32.

But before any “showmances” could percolate, the alliances began to form. Overby aligned with railroad conductor Spencer Clawson, 31, and boat shop associate Jeremy McGuire, 23 … but moments later, McGuire also joined an alliance with unemployed beauty Jessie Kowalski, 23, and lifeguard David Girton, 25.

“If nothing else, this is the best looking alliance in BB history,” Kowalski said in the diary room.

Meanwhile, other houseguests began to size up the competition after a Champagne toast and formal introductions.

“I thought people might think that I might be the dumbest person in the house. And then I met David and I thought maybe that’s not going to be,” said property appraiser Judd Daugherty, 26, after Girton’s lackluster introduction.

Surprise Twist

Then host Julie Chen announced that an unprecedented third nominee would be on the chopping block each week – but she stopped short of revealing how No. 3 would be picked.

“This is huge,” said entrepreneur Nick Uhas, 28. “Up until now it has been all smiles and popping Champagne bottles but now it is game on.”

And so the houseguests made their way to the backyard for the first Head of Household competition, which had them hanging on to “popsicles” for dear life.

“This huge tongue was trying to lick my popsicle,” Zimmerman said of the added distractions during the competition. “That s a little awkward for the first night. Even for me.”

But the contestants had their game faces on, especially former winner Rachel Reilly‘s sister, Elissa Slater, 27.

“I better win this HoH competiton,” Slater said of the challenge that would determine who will nominate two houseguests for eviction. “If people know I am Rachel’s sister, I might be the first one evicted.”

In the end, pizza delivery man McCre Olson, 23, outlasted the other 15 houseguests, including the athletic McGuire, who opted out of the competition to win a “never not” pass that guaranteed he would never have to spend a week in the house eating slop, taking cold showers and sleeping in an uncomfortable bed.

“Jeremy winning the ‘never not’ pass is like giving a superhero another power,” speech therapist Candice Stewart, 29, said of the prize. “Come on. Does he really need that? He’s a beast.”

The premiere ended with Chen making one last shocking reveal to the houseguests: Each week, fans will vote for a Big Brother MVP, who will be notified of their win in private and decide the week’s third nomination in secret as well.

“No one is going to be safe,” Overby said in the diary room of the game-changing twist. “It’s going to be a crazy summer.”