'Big Brother' : Veto Competition Shakes Up the House

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS

On Wednesday’s Big Brother, Head of Household Daniele threw down the gauntlet after nominations. “My target is Brendon,” she said. “Big moves get you really far in this game.”

“I think she wants to kick out a guy that she feels she can’t compete against,” Rachel told Brendon in a moment of sanity.

“Worst case scenario, I go home but we’re going to be married for the rest of our lives,” Brendon replied in a scene that played out as a melodramatic soap opera complete with music and close-ups right out of a telenovela … or an episode of The Hills.

“You have a big one of these right here,” Brendon continued, poking Rachel’s chest. “Actually it’s a little lower.”

Then, Daniele attempted to “smooth things over” with Rachel, but after a surprisingly civilized conversation between the two veterans, Rachel called Daniele a “mean girl” in the diary room.

Going in to the power of veto competition, Jeff and Daniele were fighting to keep the nominations the same but with Porsche and Brenchel also in the game, the odds were against them.

Oh, and Adam participated as well but, as Brendon put it, “He was just one less person that I have to worry about winning the power of veto.”

Adam was unsurprisingly the first to go, but Rachel was stunned when she was the second – especially after Brendan’s words of encouragement: “Good job, Baby, nice and easy. That’s my fiancée up there, everybody.”

In the end, Brendon pulled off the veto and was subsequently straddled by Rachel.

“I feel like I’m in a sick romantic movie,” Daniele said. “And quite frankly it was disgusting.”

With Brendon guaranteed to take himself or Rachel off the block, the question became who would go up in their place. And Brendon decided it would be a big coup to make people think he was going to remove himself when he intended to save Rachel.

But first, with “sketchy” Shelly, Porsche, Jeff and Jordan all as possibilities, Daniele had the dilemma of choosing a replacement nominee.

“I don’t want to make another enemy,” Daniele said before asking Jordan to go up as a pawn.

In the end Rachel was taken off the block feeling “like a fairy tale princess and my knight in shining armor came to save me from the evil witch in the HoH room.” Jordan took her place.

With Daniele’s main target still on the block going into Thursday’s live elimination, she thinks she is still ruling the roost.

But as Jordan put it, “Pawns normally go home … sometimes.”

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