By Patrick Gomez
Updated September 09, 2011 08:00 AM
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

With only four houseguests left in the house, Thursday’s Big Brother was all about the power of veto.

“My lips are getting a little chapped from kissing some veteran butt,” Adam said of how he has coasted in to the final four before winning Head of Household this week. “So lets see if these girls are kissing my butt the way I’ve kissed their butt all season long.”

And despite having clung to the veterans most of the season, fellow newbie Porsche was the first person Adam attempted to make a deal with.

“I think me and you would have pretty good arguments in the end,” Porsche said of going to the final two with him. “I love the fact that it would be two newbies and then, ‘Hey, you guys have to choose between two new people.’ ”

But with a final-three deal in place with Jordan and Rachel, Adam had a tough decision to make.

“I think Rachel being gone makes it easier for me in the final three,” he told Jordan. “But I kind of want to go head-to-head with her.”

While Jordan was sure he was going to back out of his deal, Rachel said, “He’s been a wild card all season.”

In the end, Adam chose to nominate Porsche and Jordan, citing the fact they never had to win the veto to take themselves off the block as he and Rachel had earlier this season. “I’m giving you that opportunity to earn it,” Adam said as he wrapped up what Rachel told him was a “good speech.”

But, really, the nominations did not matter because this week it was the power of veto holder that would make the final decision about who was going home.

“If I win this I’ll get to decide who goes to the final three,” Rachel said just before the four competitors had to recall facts about the evicted houseguests.

Porsche rang her buzzer first but was not correct. “I don’t know if I have all ten wrong or just one,” she said. But after a quick analysis of her answers Porsche was able to fix her mistake and won the veto “when it matters most.”

“You don’t take losing well, do you,” Jordan asked Rachel before telling her ally, “I deserve to leave. If you make it to the final, two you will win.”

And so Rachel made a final-two deal with Porsche.

“But when it comes down to jury votes, I probably have a better chance against Jordan,” Porsche said before the live veto meeting. She ultimately chose to take herself off the block and evict Jordan.

“I never talked to her ever. I know nothing about that girl. Her and Rachel were just a lot closer,” Jordan told host Julie Chen when asked why she thought Porsche chose to evict her.

Back in the house, the final three began the first leg of a three-part HoH competition to determine the final two.

“Good thing I wore a nice shirt,” Adam said as paint splattered the houseguests as they spun around in the backyard. But with all three contestants holding strong as the credits rolled Thursday, Adam may have been wishing he was wearing a lucky shirt instead of just a “nice” one.