Sonja Flemming/CBS
August 25, 2011 09:00 AM

On Big Brother Wednesday the house had to deal with Sunday’s nominations of Kalia and Porsche.

“I think I’m the target,” Porsche said, despite never being a power player all season.

“I’m someone that is going to bust my butt, not just host some things in a bikini,” Kalia responded to Jeff’s claim that he wants to keep competitors in the house. “So I hope Porsche is his real target.”

But Jeff’s true target may have been someone who wasn’t even nominated yet.

“If nominations stay the same, Kalia’s got to go, but if all the stars align and Daniele doesn’t win veto, maybe Daniele gets backdoored, and she gone,” Jeff said.

And Daniele was also aware of the importance of the competition. “The only way to guarantee my safety in the house is to win the veto and take Kalia or Porsche off, and Jeff is forced to nominate someone from his own alliance,” she said.

So it all came down to the veto. But first came a visit from the Zingbot 3000 – Big Brother‘s insane insult robot.

After calling Adam “Uncle Fester,” Shelly “a dude,” and making fun of Porsche’s “big trunk,” the Zingbot called the houseguests to the backyard for the veto competition – and Jeff continued his winning streak.

“You could do whatever you want this week,” Adam told Jeff. “That’s why I cooked you breakfast.”

And Adam wasn’t the only one doing what they could to stay in the HoH’s good graces.

“Everyone eventually has to go, but you wouldn’t be on my first list. If I win HoH in the next … soon … ish,” Porsche said in her “best attempt” do make a deal.

“I have to start trying to rebuild. I’m not coming after you, and it bothers me that I could leave before someone that has literally done nothing,” Kalia said.

In the end it was Porsche’s lack of game play that got her taken off the block and replaced with Daniele.

And so, Thursday will mark the end of the three-girl alliance. And as Kalia put it, “This sucks.”

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