Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother drama officially began Wednesday with the season’s first brawl and a potentially tide-turning veto vote.

The episode started with Rachel and Porsche holding a meeting of the Mean Girls, and the main subject was Cassi, whom Rachel called a “floater.”

“She’s so pretty, she’s just not good at playing this game,” Rachel said, despite the fact that Cassie is one of the more strategic newbies.

Elsewhere in the house, Danielle continued the Cassi-bashing, saying, “If I see a bus, I’m not afraid to give her a little push.”

“It’s a little bit exaggerated and it’s a little bit ridiculous,” Jordan said of Rachel’s unfounded hatred. And if Jordan is moved to using big words like “exaggerated” and “ridiculous,” it probably is.

Proving that pigs really do fly, Jordan continued being the voice of reason, confiding in Cassi, “People are throwing you under the bus but it’s because you’re pretty. Girls are intimidated by that.”

Going in to the veto competition, Jordan was pushing Adam – whom she nominated Sunday along side his partner Dominic – to throw the competition with the promise he would stay and receive a golden key.

But in a twist, it was announced that the game would now be played as individuals. This opened the door for Dominic to become the first non-veteran to win a competition this season without having to worrying about carrying his “300-lb. paper weight” of a partner with him to the winner’s circle.

But first, season 13’s first fight happened, starring – as expected – Rachel, who made a crack about Jordan not singing up for two weeks of slop in order to stay in the competition after she fell.

“I didn’t appreciate your comments,” Jeff told Rachel, coming to his girlfriend’s defense after Dominic’s win. “Just keep your mouth shut.”

And in response, Rachel retreated in to a lollipop bush to cry – you read that correctly.

“There’s some drama in the house right now,” Dominic said to the other newbies, stating the obvious.

After making a most forced and awkward apology to Jeff and Jordan, Brenchel hoped they had made amends enough to not be put on the block when Dominic inevitably used the veto to take himself and Adam off the block.

And so, in the end, Jordan gave in to the demands of her alliance and nominated Cassi and Shelly.

But with such a juicy sparring so early in the season, the new nominations didn’t hold a candle to the drama of the conflict that left Rachel pondering, “I wonder if America hates me?”

It is unclear if that question was rhetorical.