By Patrick Gomez
Updated July 25, 2011 08:45 AM
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

With a nomination looming and Rachel holding the power, the Big Brother house was walking on eggshells Sunday.

“Everyone has approached me to make a deal,” Rachel said as she was choosing her nominees, and she was right.

Adam, Jeff, Dominic and even Lawon – who has previously only been seen making sassy diary room comments – made it up to the HoH room to plead their cases and sell their first-borns to secure their safety.

Rachel – whom PhD student Brendan calls the “brains” of their relationship – summed up their repetitive pleas best, “I’d rather be napping than listen to Lawon talk.”

But first, the house participated in an elaborate advertisement for CBS’s new show Same Name – or as Big Brother called it, a “luxury competition.”

After the first clue, it was Jordan who shocked the house by correctly guessing the name of the celebrity guest who would be visiting the house – David Hasslehoff.

Jordan shocked the house again by selecting Shelly and Kalia to join her, Jeff, and “the Hoff” for the Same Name viewing in the HoH room.

“I didn’t want to take Brendan and Rachel because they would probably just be kissing the whole time,” Jordan said of not selecting her alliance members to join her. But she was unaware that Brenchel was downstairs in tears having a fight.

“I have my dream guy and even though you’re mean sometimes I still want to have my dream wedding,” Rachel told Brendan after he threatened to walk out of the house.

Their fight was brought to an end when Dominic once again came to plead his allegiance to the brawling couple.

He and Danielle planted the seed in Brenchel’s head to turn on Jeff and Jordan, but Dominic and his partner Adam end up on the block again.

And while both of the nominees believe they are up as “pawns,” it is unclear if Brenchel intends to “let America hate us” by back-dooring “America’s Couple.”

America appreciates your permission, Rachel.