Cliff Lipson/CBS
August 29, 2011 10:00 AM

In the wake of a surprise double eviction, the Big Brother house was flipped upside down Sunday – with the newbies in control.

“Day 55 will go down in history, for me, as the worst day ever,” Jordan said after her boyfriend “Big” Jeff was evicted. “I’ve cried so much that I can’t even cry anymore.”

Also in tears was “Sketchy” Shelly, who lived up to her name by ditching her alliance with America’s couple and voting Jeff out.

“Don’t even touch me,” Jordan told Shelly before launching in to a screaming tirade.

“All y’all want to follow Daniele because ya’ll think she’s the greatest,” Jordan said of her recently evicted adversary. “Her season was four years ago. Who gives a … ”

Surprisingly, Rachel was the voice of reason. “Just stop it, Jordan,” she pleaded. “This is not you.”

On the other side of the house, Kalia had some words of wisdom for Shelly. “There’s no crying in Big Brother. This isn’t the real world,” she told her, possibly referencing that other reality show where strangers live in to a house.

With emotions still high, the houseguests headed outside for the Head of Household competition. “I’m literally digging my nails in to my arm,” Kalia said of watching her alliance – Porsche and Shelly – compete.

After Adam and Rachel both fell out of the competition, their fate was in Jordan’s hands. “Jordan has got to win this game,” Rachel said. “We are playing for our lives.”

But Jordan was defeated by Porsche who won her second competition of the season. “What happened? I was so good at this game,” Rachel said. “I can’t do anything.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with us,” Jordan added, once again in tears. “Goodbye Big Brother house.”

Meanwhile, Adam grabbed his life vest once again and jumped ship over to the newbies alliance because, he said, “I need to go where there is the most protection.”

It looked like the Newbies would breeze through this week with either Rachel or Jordan going home – but then Porsche opened Pandora’s box and unleashed the duos twist back on to the house.

Now, with Adam and Shelly, Kalia and Porsche and Jordan and Rachel competing in pairs this week, just Jordan or Rachel needs to win the veto to save them both.

“This gives Jordan and I a new lease in life in the Big Brother house,” Rachel said with a smile.

“Last night I felt hopeless,” Jordan added. “It feels so good to know that there is a chance for me and Rachel to fight together and get who we want out of this house.”

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