From old home movies to new versions of her songs, the film was full of fan-pleasing moments

By Aaron Parsley
February 17, 2013 10:05 AM
Kevin Winter/Getty

I am … still singing!

Beyoncé‘s HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, aired Saturday night and it was a 90-minute whirlwind of music, dance and emotion. And though the singer, 31, has been everywhere recently (the Inauguration, the Super Bowl halftime show, Oprah’s Next Chapter), the film was full of new and exciting moments. Here are my favorites:

Baby Bey: A home movie of Beyoncé as a little girl playing with bees made my jaw drop. The scene seems to prove what her fans believe: that she was born to be a superstar known as Queen B. I also loved seeing her singing – and being a typical, giggling teenager – with her sister Solange and Kelly Rowland.

Beyoncamp#233; (center) as a child
Courtesy of HBO

The Heartbreak: From her frank discussion of firing her father as a manager to hearing “the saddest song” she’s ever written after having miscarriage, the film – which Beyoncé produced and directed herself – had raw, emotional moments.

Courtesy of HBO

Mrs. Carter: Life is like a dream for Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z, who surprisingly shared intimate moments together – giddy over her pregnancy, singing Coldplay’s “Yellow” to each other, enjoying solitude on a boat in an undisclosed, exotic location. You could feel the love when she toasted him on his birthday.

Beyoncamp#233; and Jay-Z in 2006
Courtesy of HBO

Blue Ivy: How cute is she?! When Beyoncé and Jay’s baby girl, who turned 1 in January, appeared on the screen at the premiere of Life Is But a Dream at New York’s Ziegfeld Theater, the crowd gasped and then let out a collective “aww.” And I jammed my fingers on the TV screen the first time I watched, trying to pinch those cheeks. Seeing Beyoncé at home with a baby on her hip was a powerful reminder that the fierce superstar is human afterall.

Beyoncamp#233; and Blue Ivy
Courtesy of HBO

The Music: Of course! Seeing her sing “Listen” with a gorgeously altered ending in a car convinced me of one thing: Beyoncé is definitely not human! I also loved seeing everything that went into her epic Billboard Music Awards performance of “Run the World (Girls).” I just wish I could do that dance. And is it me or does “Resentment” get grittier and angrier every time she performs it?

Beyoncamp#233; sings "Listen"
Courtesy of HBO

Praise Beysus and long live the Queen B!