September 28, 2007 12:00 AM

It’s been more than four months since we said goodbye to Ugly Betty, but on the show’s season two premiere Thursday we learn only three weeks(!) have passed since Betty Suarez’s world fell apart in a series of delicious and melodramatic cliffhangers. So what went down in a span of three weeks–a lot! Read on: –Aaron Parsley

Then: Henry’s girlfriend got pregnant and he left town Now: Betty buries her feelings for–and all reminders of–Henry in Central Park, until she gets a “thinking of you” message from him. We smell a reunion. Then: Santos got shot Now: He’s only wounded! He and Hilda are blissfully locked away in her room and planning the perfect wedding while he recovers–until Hilda snaps out of her dreamlike fantasy and realizes the love of her life is really dead.

Then: Wilhemina got engaged to Bradford Meade Now: Everything’s going full steam ahead until Claire Meade busts out of prison and proposes a deal to Wilhemina: call off the wedding and get control of Mode. Hmmm, deal or no deal?

Then: Amanda found out that Fey Sommers is her real mother Now: To deal with the stress of the revelation, Amanda has taken to eating chocolate by the pound and blown up to the size of a fat suit. Only after Wilhemina mistakes her for Betty, she realizes it’s time to take action.

Then: Alexis and Daniel get into a terrible car accident on the way to rehab Now: Daniel is banged up but going to be okay. Meanwhile, Alexis is in a coma but then wakes up and wonders to her brother, ‘Why are you calling me Alexis? It’s me, Alex.’ Uh oh.

Then: Ignacio’s stuck across the border–in Mexico! Now: Betty’s having a hard time getting legal help to bring him home but Ignacio insists he’s doing just fine south of the border.

So which wacky storyline did you enjoy the most last night–tell us!

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