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April 07, 2015 07:30 AM

S’all good, man.

Monday’s finale of Better Call Saul pushed Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) ever closer to the man we met in Breaking Bad after his brother’s betrayal made him question why he ever even bothered playing at morality in the first place.

As he told Mike (Jonathan Banks), Jimmy won’t be making that mistake again. Season 1 of the Breaking Bad spin-off saw Jimmy seeking approval from anyone and everyone – all of whom were never truly going to give it to him despite his best efforts.

Apart from a few hiccups, it was a truly absorbing season of television that ended far too soon. With season 2 a long way off, we have only our hopes and dreams to tide us over, so here are 4 things we hope to see the next time we meet Jimmy.

1. More Breaking Bad Cameos

From left: Raymond Cruz (as Tuco), Daniel Levine (as Cal) and Bob Odenkirk (as Jimmy)
Lewis Jacobs/AMC

Not to be greedy, but Saul‘s second season would benefit from more cameos from the Breaking Bad universe. Not because the series cannot be trusted as a stand-alone – it absolutely can – but because the arrival of Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz) in Saul‘s second episode struck the perfect chord. Their interaction had Jimmy’s inner Saul Goodman coming out in full force, and it was an early indicator that Jimmy’s attempts at do-goodery were insincere at worst and a shaky front at best.

And, okay, we’re a little greedy – what do we need to do to get Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) back in our lives?

2. More Stability

Bob Odenkirk (as Saul Goodman, left) and Michael McKean (as Chuck) on Better Call Saul
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As great as Saul‘s inaugural season was, its shifts between dark comedy and drama were sometimes sudden and jarring. Furthermore, beyond Chuck’s (Michael McKean) past annoyances with his brother over his “Slippin’ Jimmy” ways, we had no real reason to suspect that he had been actively working against Jimmy all along. It was an effective shock, surely, but when the culprit could have been the easy target all along, Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian), it may be that the reveal was not set up as elegantly as it could have been.

That doesn’t take away, however, from the fact that it had to be a betrayal from Chuck that would send Jimmy off the deep end and so soon.

3. More Mike

Bob Odenkirk (as Jimmy) on Better Call Saul
Lewis Jacobs/AMC

Speaking of a lack of stability, it was strange to see Jimmy and Mike (Jonathan Banks) become such fast friends. As much as Mike can truly be a “friend” to anybody, anyway. That said, Mike is a great character from whom we’d like to see more. It’s obvious that he’s motivated by his love for what family he has left, but is there anything else there? What turns him into Saul’s personal fixer, as we saw him in Breaking Bad?

Surely it can’t just be about money for his family – we learned that Mike killed two police officers responsible for the death of his son. Does familial love really run that deep for Mike, or is there something darker there? Cold-blooded murder is not generally the first choice for people of sane heart and mind.

4. More Hamlin, Hamlin and McGill

Patrick Fabian (as Hamlin) and Rhea Seehorn (as Kim) on Better Call Saul
Ursula Coyote/AMC

Just because Jimmy has essentially sworn off practicing legitimate law, we’re hoping that doesn’t mean that the lawyers from Hamlin, Hamlin and McGill fall to the wayside in season 2 – and that includes Chuck. While history dictates it’s a lost cause, Kim (Rhea Seehorn) might be the only person who cares enough about Jimmy to try to draw him from the edge.

We would also love to see Jimmy square off against Howard some more – Jimmy is never more confident than when he’s a con man, and it would be great to see him take on his former employer from a position of power after being beaten down for so long.

Finally, what is Chuck’s deal? Jimmy was nothing but a devoted caregiver to his brother, whose mental instability had him confined to his own home. It’s unbelievable that Chuck chose to betray Jimmy, and we’d like to see more of him without the gloss of Jimmy’s hero-worship. After all, Chuck is not mentioned whatsoever in Breaking Bad – was what we saw in season 1 the last straw for Jimmy, or is there something worse to come?

Any lingering questions you want answered in season 2 of Better Call Saul? Sound off below.

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