By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 06:35 PM

What’s new with Bethenny Frankel? A lot! The Real Housewives of New York City star has a new season of her show (premiering March 4, 11 p.m. EST) as well as a spin-off in the works, a new cookbook called The Skinnygirl Dish, a new guy and a baby on the way. And Frankel, who recently spoke to PEOPLE about it all, says she’s “clueless” about how to prep for motherhood, but is only sweating the small stuff, “like someone not giving me an ice cream that is big enough.” –Liz McNeil

How’s the pregnancy going?We haven’t really figured out what we are doing about the baby’s room. We are both clueless. My fianc , Jason Hoppy, has been looking at cribs, saying, “We have to get the baby’s room in order now.” I’m like, “Relax, we have time.”

Are you having a boy or a girl?I want to know what I’m having but my fianc won’t let me find out. My fans think it is a boy. They say a girl steals your beauty and I don’t look deformed yet.

How has pregnancy changed your eating habits?Your diet is still a bank account when you’re pregnant, you just have more to spend. I am not drinking alcohol or that much coffee but I’m craving orange juice. And split pea soup — it is like somebody else eating hot fudge. I could die over it. I had a moment a few days ago with a corn beef sandwich. It was like food porn. I was enjoying it so much that it should have been illegal.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, what can we expect from the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City?It was a really crazy season. I don’t know how they could top it. It was like a full moon everyday. Being pregnant and emotional it was impossible. There are a lot of things turned upside down. Alliances have changed and friendships have had some tests. Not everything is the same as it was last season. I always seem to skate by but I always have something to say.

Tell us about your book, which has over 1,000 recipes. How does a girl find the time?You’re not going to find coq au vin in this book. If you want that, go out with your boyfriend. All the food in the book is really easy to make. I teach how to accessorize their kitchen they way they would their wardrobe. It starts with cleaning out your kitchen and organizing. If you haven’t used it in six months, you’re not going to need to use it.

Why is it called The Skinnygirl Dish?I take fattening recipes like spinach and artichoke dip and guacamole and renovate. Every recipe was born with what I have at my house. If I’m making guacamole, I’ll add in frozen peas because it is one of the staples to have in you freezer at all times — that and Tabasco and Worcestershire. Nothing in my book requires a food processor. Nothing fancy, just five simple tools such as a microplane, an ice cream scoop, an immersion blender … that was the most expensive thing. Just $29.99. Evan Agostini/AP